SAT Vocabulary Study 12

  1. abstracted
    removed in thought, lost in one's own mind
  2. burgeon
    to sprout, to newly emerge
  3. byzantine
    complicated, devious
  4. crass
    coarse, crude, and unrefined
  5. decry
    to speak against, to rail against, to disparage
  6. din
    loud and discordant noises, cacophony
  7. euphonious
    pleasant or agreeable (sound); dulcet
  8. indulgent
    lenient, especially toward oneself
  9. inundate
    to flood, to overflow
  10. munificent
    very generous
  11. paucity
    scarcity, fewness of number, dearth
  12. pedantry 
    act of showing off learning in a manner that is needless and unimaginative
  13. piety 
    devotion and reverence to God
  14. scintillating
    sparkling, shining, or flashing
  15. squalid
    flithy in appearance, sordid
  16. statid (adj.)
    having no motion, showing little change
  17. suffrage
    right to vote
  18. turbulence
    wild or disturbing activity
  19. vexation
    discomfort or distress
  20. vindictive
    revengeful, spiteful
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SAT Vocabulary Study 12