SAT Vocabulary Study 11

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  1. adversity
    misfortune, unfavorable happening
  2. antidote
    something that relieves the effects of poison
  3. benevolence
    kindness, generositiy, charity
  4. culpable
    deserving blame; guilty
  5. discursive
    rambling, moving from one to another randomly
  6. dissuade
    to advise against, to talk out of
  7. eclectic
    coming from a variety of diverse sources
  8. hypothesize
    to reach a conclusion based on an assumption
  9. ingrate
    an ungrateful person
  10. ingratiate
    to make an effort to gain good favor with someone
  11. intractable
    stubborn, difficult to manage, headstrong
  12. precarious
    dangerous, risky, not situation
  13. preclude
    to make impossible
  14. predilection
  15. promontory
    land or rock projecting into a body of water
  16. prosaic
    commonplace, uninspired, banal
  17. raze
    to completely destroy
  18. shroud
    wrap, screen from view
  19. torpid
    sluggish, inactive, dull
  20. viable
    capable of working, functioning, or developing adequately
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