500 vocab

  1. abase(v)
    to lower, demean, degrade
  2. abate(v)
    to lessen, to reduce in severity
  3. abbriviate (v)
    to shorten, reduce
  4. abduct (v)
    to kidnap
  5. aberration (n)
    a deviation from the expected course
  6. abhor(v)
    to hate, loathe
  7. abide(v)
    to put up with, tolerate
  8. abject(adj)
    of the most miserable or contemptible kind
  9. abjure
    to renounce allegiance, to shun, to retract
  10. abort(v)
    to give up unfinished
  11. abridge (v)
    to shorten, cut down
  12. abrogate (v)
    to abolish, often by authority
  13. abscond(v)
    to sneak away and hide
  14. abundant (adj)
    in great numbers
  15. accede (v)
    to agree
  16. accentuate (v)
    to emphasize, to highlight
  17. accommodating (adj)
    obliging, helpful
  18. accost (v)
    to approach or confront aggressively
  19. acumen (n)
    keen insight
  20. acute (adj)
    sharp, severe
  21. affable (adj)
    friendly, amiable
  22. affluent (adj)
    rich, wealthy
  23. aggrandize (v)
    to increase or make greater
  24. aggregate (v)
    to gather, amass
  25. aghast (adj)
    struck by amazement or terror
  26. akimbo (adj)
    with hands on hips and elbows extending outward
  27. alacrity (n)
    speed, readiness
  28. algid (adj)
    frigid, cold
  29. allay (v)
    to sooth, assuage
  30. alleviate (v)
    to relieve
  31. aloof (adj)
    reserved, distant
  32. altercation (n)
    an argument, dispute
  33. amalgamation (n)
    a union, a merger
  34. ambivalent (adj)
    having contradictory feelings
  35. amble (v)
    to stroll, walk
  36. ameliorate (v)
    to improve, to make better
  37. amend (v)
    to change for the better, improve
  38. amiable (adj)
    friendly, affable
  39. amorous (adj)
    relating to or showing love
  40. amorphous (adj)
    without shape or borders
  41. anomaly (n)
    something that does not fit into the normal order
  42. anxiety (n)
  43. aphorism (n)
    a short saying
  44. apparitional (adj)
    ghostly, spectral
  45. arbitrator (n)
    one who settles controversy between two sides
  46. ascetic (n)
    one who practices restraint as a means of self-discipline, usually religious
  47. assuage (v)
    to ease, pacify
  48. atone (v)
    to apologize, make amends
  49. audacious (adj)
    excessively bold
  50. augment (v)
    to increase or make larger
  51. austere (adj)
    very bare, bleak, simple
  52. baleful (adj)
    harmful, threatening
  53. bard (n)
    a poet, often a singer as well
  54. barratry
    frequently instigating/stirring-up lawsuits or quarrels
  55. battery (n)
    an assault or an array of similar things intended for use together
  56. belligerent (adj)
    contentious, ready to fight
  57. benevolent (adj)
    kind, good, caring
  58. benign (adj)
    non-threatening, innocuous
  59. berate (v)
    to scold severely
  60. bereft (adj)
    without, devoid of
  61. bide (v)
    to wait, or remain in a condition
  62. bilk (v)
    to cheat, to swindle
  63. blandish (v)
    to coax through flattery
  64. bloated (adj)
    swollen, bigger than desired
  65. boisterous (adj)
    loud, energetic
  66. bourgeois (adj)
    middle class
  67. brash (adj)
    hasty or lacking in sensitivity
  68. brazen (adj)
    excessively bold, brash
  69. brumal (adj)
    wintry, relating to winter
  70. brusque (adj)
    short, abrupt, dismissive
  71. buffet (n)
    a spread of food involving choices
  72. buffet (v)
    to hit or strike
  73. burgeon (v)
    to come forth, blossom
  74. cacophony (n)
    noise, discordant sound
  75. cadence (n)
  76. cajole (v)
    to urge, coax
  77. callous (adj)
    harsh, cold, unfeeling
  78. calumny (n)
    an attempt to defame anothers reputation
  79. camaraderie (n)
    cheerful unity among a group
  80. canvas (n)
    a piece of cloth on which an artist paints
  81. capricious (adj)
    impulsive, unpredictable, subject to whim
  82. captivate (v)
    to hold the interest of, to gain the attention of
  83. carouse (v)
    to revel, to party
  84. cavity (n)
    a hole
  85. cavort (v)
    to frolic, leap, prance
  86. celestial (adj)
    relating to the sky or the heavens
  87. chastise (v)
    to criticize, to scold
  88. choreographed (adj)
    arranged, as in dance
  89. circumlocution (n)
    indirect language
  90. circumspect (adj)
  91. clairvoyant (adj)
    able to see things that others cannot
  92. claustrophobia (n)
    an abnormal fear of closed or crowded spaces
  93. cliche (n)
    a trite, overused expression
  94. coalesce (v)
    to combine into one
  95. cogent (adj)
    intelligent, viable
  96. collusion (n)
    a conspiracy, a secret agreement
  97. colossus(n)
    an enormous structure
  98. comatose (adj)
  99. commendable (adj)
    worthy of praise
  100. commodious (adj)
    spacious, roomy
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