SAT Vocabulary Study 10

  1. abet
    to encourage to assist (usually an offense against justice or the law)
  2. amiable
    friendly, sociable, and congenial; civil and urbane
  3. ascertain
    to find out definitely; to determine
  4. chimera
    a fantasy; a horrible creature of the imagination
  5. dalliance
    flirtation, frivolous use of time
  6. fervid
    ardent, burning, impassioned
  7. indelible
    cannot be removed, washed away or erased
  8. indignation
    anger as a result of something unjust
  9. ineptness
    lack of competence of judgment
  10. inert
    unable to move or to act, sluggish
  11. lucid
    easily understood, mentally sound
  12. malevolence
    ill will or evil intentions
  13. meticulous
    taking great care; punctilious
  14. misantrope
    a hater of mankind; misantropist
  15. obliterate
    to do away with; to destroy completely; to cancel
  16. paltry
    trifling; petty; worthless; minor
  17. prattle
    meaningless sounds, babble
  18. profuse
    bountiful, pouring forth liberally; exhibiting great abundance
  19. secular
    nonreligious, worldly
  20. vindicated
    cleared of accusations or charges
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SAT Vocabulary Study 10