SAT Vocabulary Study 9

  1. abridge
    to shorten, to diminish
  2. alacrity
    prompt and cheerful response
  3. ambiguous
    having more than one meaning; unclear, uncertain
  4. antipathy
    a dislike, distaste, or enmity
  5. bombastic
    using inflated language, pompous
  6. decadent
    decaying; declined
  7. distend
    to expand, to swell
  8. enervated
    weakened; emasculation
  9. estrange
    alienate, separate
  10. exonerate
    to free form blame, obligation, or responsibilty; to exculpate
  11. fatuous
    foolish, silly in an obnoxious way, inane
  12. impecunious
    without money; destitute
  13. induce
    to bring on or to bring about; cause, effect, influence
  14. nefarious
    extremely wicked, evil, vicious
  15. nemesis
    source of harm, powerful opponent
  16. sated
    satisified fully, indulged to excess
  17. stoic
    a stoical person; not showing passion or feeling, indifference, impassive
  18. tact
    a keen sense for what is appropriate or tasteful in delicate situations
  19. terse
    concise; succinct, summary
  20. transient
    quickly passing, fleeting
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SAT Vocabulary Study 9