SAT Vocabulary Study 5

  1. acrimonious
    caustic, biting, rancorous
  2. affinity
    a likeness, a natural relationship, a kinship
  3. buttress
    a support or prop
  4. circumspect
    careful to consider consequences, cautious, prudent
  5. conflagration
    a large fire
  6. dearth
    a lack, a scarcity
  7. empirical
    based on observation or experiment and not on theory
  8. enmity
    absolute hatred; animosity
  9. exotic
    foreign, unfamiliar
  10. guile
    deceitfulness, duplicity
  11. haughty
    arrogant, excessively proud and vain
  12. inscrutable
    difficult to understand; mysterious
  13. malice
    desire to harm others; malevolence
  14. morose
    being sullen or gloomy
  15. perfunctory
    acting routinely with little interest or care
  16. proliferation
    an increase in number, multiplication
  17. redolent
    exuding fragrance, aromatic; evocative, suggestive
  18. sycophant
    a self-serving flatterer, a brownnoser
  19. synthesis
    combining parts into a whole
  20. veracity
    devotion to the truth
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SAT Vocabulary Study 5