Russian Vocabulary

  1. What is Bias?
    One sided view, not balanced or fair
  2. What is contemporary?
    At the same time as
  3. What is hindsight?
    Looking back at events, giving a different perspective

  4. What is manhood suffrage?
    The right of all adult men to vote
  5. What is Emancipation?
    Setting free e.g. slaves set free
  6. What is aristocracy?
    Nobility, ruling group defined by birth or social rank
  7. What is hierarchy?
    Social ladder, marking status or rank in society
  8. What is Peasant?
    Small family of farmers who rely on farming, low status
  9. What is Nationalisation
    Idea that industry should be run and owned by the state
  10. What is Socialism?
    Idea for a fairer society with equal distribution of wealth
  11. What is Nationalism?
    Promoting independence and national identitiy
  12. What is Capitalism?
    Property, business and industry owned by a private individual
  13. What is Communism?
    Theory of social equality with no social classes
  14. What is Political reform?
    Change in the electoral system
  15. What is Liberalism?
    Idea of increasinf rights/ reforming abuses
  16. What is Dissidents?
    Those who oppose/ criticise policy/system
  17. What is radicals?
    Reformers who want significant change for more rights
  18. What is conservative?
    Supporting traditional institution or ideas/adverse to change
  19. What is Reactionary?
    Extremely opposed to change/process. Assertive
  20. What is Repression?
    Restrictions and subjection of people by force
  21. What is Propaganda?
    Information to promote/damage a political cause
  22. What is consitution?
    Rules, written or unwritten, for how state power is shared
  23. What is franchise?
    The right to vote
  24. What is democracy?
    Government answerable to the people/elected representatives
  25. What is subversion?
    Undermine the existing political system
  26. What is legislature?
    law making bodies e.g. parliament
  27. What is totalitarian?
    Styles of government that attempt to control all areas of life
  28. What is empire?
    Control of conquered territories
  29. What is coup?
    Attempt to seize power
  30. What is revolution?
    Overthrow the government, usually by violence
  31. What is ideology?
    Political visions/ideas e.g. communism, liberalism
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