Micro lab

  1. Neisseria meningitides
    • Causes Meningitis.  Gram negative meningococcus.  (tiny pink polka dots) 
    • Live in nasopharynx in 5-15% of people.  Safe unless in brain.  Needs iron, induces phagocytosis. 
  2. Treponema pallidum
    Causes Syphilis.  Gram negative Spirochaete.  Very flat and wavy--wiggle through mucus.  (VERY tiny pink squiggles)
  3. Borrelia burgdorferi
    Causes: lyme disease.  Spirochaete (Gram N/A).  (Purple cracks around RBCs).  Doesn't require iron--needs manganese instead.  Needs less from you so waits to attack.  Vector: Tick.  Have endoflagellum (axial filament). 
  4. Bacillus anthracis
    Causes anthrax.  Gram positive bacillus.  (Nest of purple hairs).  Streptobacillus.  "Attacks" RBCs.  Causes fatigue. 
  5. Budding yeast
    Fungus.  Exists in haploid and diploid states. (purple fingerprints) 
  6. Candida
    Fungus in 80-85% of population.  (pink fibers and dots). 
  7. Rhizopus
    Fungus.  Causes: Zygomycosis.  (peach/pink/yellow dandilion heads)
  8. Penicillin
    Spoils food, kills bacteria.  Fungus. (pixeljunk eden.  Bluish/pinkish)
  9. Aspergillus
    Fungus that makes sake by breaking down starch instead of sugar.  (bright blue/green strands with black dot/dandilion head)
  10. trichomonas vaginalis
    Causes: trichomonoaisis.  #1 non-fatal protozoan infection in people.  (round purple with tail.  4 motile flagella, one spike.  One useless flagella)
  11. Toxoplasma gondii
    Causes toxoplamosis.  Protozoan.  Favorite animal: cat.  Fetus in danger.  (Blue-violet circles, biggish.  Fuzzy mess)
  12. Leishmania donovani
    Causes: black fever.  Heavy bruising on body, skyrocket fever, dehydration, death.  Flagellated protozoan. 
  13. Trypanosoma spp.
    Causes African Sleeping sickness (non-fatal, Chagas.  Darwin had it.  Diarrhea, ulcers, constipation).  Protozoan.  Flagellated worms in a blood smear. 
  14. Schistomsoma mansoni
    Causes: Katayama fever.  Passed my mosquito bite.  Fever until massive hemorrhage.  Fatal.  Roundworm (trematoda).  Dioecious.  gross anatomy helminth.  (Red worm, blue outline, black poo inside).  male straight, female curved). 
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