Vocabulary 09/17/2012

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  1. linger
    • lin·ger
    • Part of Speech: verb
    • Own: to remain longer than expected
    • Dictionary: slow to leave; remain longer than usual
    • Antonym: hurry; leave
    • Synonym: delay; drift

    The hot air balloon lingered for two hours longer than scheduled.
  2. earnestly
    • ear·nest·ly
    • Part of Speech: adverb
    • Own: sincerely and thoughfully
    • Dictionary: seriously and important
    • Antonym: unenthusiastically; unimportant
    • Synonym: intense; solemnly

    I earnestly believe my class will do great on the FCAT this year.
  3. remarkable
    • re·mark·a·ble
    • Part of Speech: adjective
    • Own: out of the ordinary; one of its kind
    • Dictionary: striking or exceptional
    • Antonym: normal; ordinary
    • Synonym: uncommon; unique

    The description of the characters in the book was remarkable.
  4. dreadful
    • dread·ful
    • Part of Speech: adjective
    • Own: causing great fear or terror
    • Dictionary: unpleasant and distasteful
    • Antonym: pleasing; wonderful
    • Synonym: horrific; tragic

    Katrina was a dreadful hurricane.
  5. illiterate
    • il·lit·er·ate
    • Part of Speech: adjective
    • Own: not able to read; little education
    • Dictionary: the lacking of a true education
    • Antonym: educated; taught
    • Synonym: ignorant; unread

    Many children in third-world countries are illiterate.
  6. seldom
    • sel·dom
    • Part of Speech: adverb
    • Own: hardly ever happens
    • Dictionary: rarely or not often
    • Antonym: frequently; often
    • Synonym: rarely; scarcely

    I seldom stay awake during a road trip.
  7. plateau
    • pla·teau
    • Part of Speech: noun
    • Own: a flat area; a time of no growth
    • Dictionary: a flat-topped hill; little or no growth
    • Antonym: hilly; mountainous
    • Synonym: highland; level

    We stood on a plateau of the Smoky Mountain.
  8. canyon
    • can·yon
    • Part of Speech: noun
    • Own: a deep valley in the mountains
    • Dictionary: a narrow ravine
    • Antonym: mountain
    • Synonym: valley; gorge

    My brother saw the Grand Canyon when he was 5 years old.
  9. Properties
    • Prop·er·ties
    • Part of Speech: noun
    • Own: something that is owned; land, items
    • Dictionary: someone's belongings or possessions
    • Antonym: rent; loan
    • Synonym: possessions; assets

    My uncle owns two properties in Arizona.
  10. Density
    • Den·si·ty
    • Part of Speech: noun
    • Own: a concentration of mass; difficult to understand
    • Dictionary: mass per unit volume; slow-wittedness
    • Antonym: openness; thinness
    • Synonym: solidity; bulk

    The density of water is less than the density of gold.
  11. Volume
    • Vol·ume
    • Part of Speech: noun
    • Own: how the capacity of an area is measured
    • Dictionary: the amount of space in cubic units that something occupies
    • Antonym: 
    • Synonym: amount; dimensions

    The volume of the table was less than the volume of the room.
  12. Mass
    • Mass
    • Part of Speech: noun
    • Own: a collection of an unknown size
    • Dictionary: an undetermined number or amount
    • Antonym: 
    • Synonym: quantity; batch

    My mass is much different than my weight.
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