Endo Med

     (corticosteriods) Prednisone

    Adverse reactions- Cushing sndrome, decrease anticoagulant theraphy, hypokalamia, 

    (immunosuppresant)- imuran, cytoxan, cellecept-Nausea , somatis a condition (causing oral inflammation), alopecia  

    Mild to moderate- ASA, NSAIDS, ASA benificial antiplalet effect, caution for toxicity

    • (Antimalarial) -plaquenil-for skin and arthritic issues in mild to mod changes cases
    •        Retinal damage (rare) can lead to blindness, eye exams recomm q 6 months ,irritability , n/v

    Belimubad-for lupus bological theraphy working in suppressing B=-cells (alter the immune system)

  2. RA MEDS
    • NSAIDS ans ASA
    • Celebrex- AE, Headach, dyspepsia, rash

    • DMARDS-alter the disease and reduce joint destruction ,several wks to months to see effects , Leflumonide(Arava) -HTN, alopecia, rash
    • etanercept(enbrel) -Headache, Rhnitis, irriatiaton at site
    • infliximab(Remicade)- fever chils headache
    • asalimuab(Humaria)- irritation at injection site

    • (Immunisupressant)- Methotrexate - n/v anemia, leukopenia
    • Cyclosporine- Nausea, alopecia, somatatis
  3. Addisons
    • Glucocorticoid: (Cortisol replacement)-hydrocortisone tabs, cortef or solu- cortef
    • Prenisone (deltasone)

    Mineralcorticoids: aldosterone replacement, Fludrocotisone (flurinef)
  4. Cushings Meds
    • Mitotone(lysodren)- decreases activity of the adrenal cortex
    • Metyrapone(metopirone) inhibit cortisol synthsis
    • Ketocozone (nizoral) attacks the excess steriod cells

    Radiation (Tumor reduction)
  5. DI meds
    • Hyponic solute
    • Cholorothiazide(diuril) promote Na+ loss thru diuresis , SE , Ortho sta hypotension ,dizziness, diarrhea

    Desmopressin-causes increase water absorption AE-headache, nausea , congestion
  6. SIAH Meds
    • Caution use of diuretics
    • Lasix - Electrolyte and hematologic imbalances, vomiting ,dizziness

    Demecloycline(Declomycin)- induces DI and help when pt is non compliant on fluid restriction , AE - N/v , photo sensitivity ,

    Longterm increase Na diet
  7. Hyperthyroidism
    Antithyroid Drugs : Methimazole (tapazole) , Propylhiouracil (PTU)- inhibits TH  production but does not affect already formed horomones

    • Take with exact time reg with meals,
    • Watch for unusual bleeding , epigastric pain, loss of taste, dont stop abruply may take up to 12 wks to see full effects 

    Radioactive Iodine theraphy(SSKI, thyroblock,pima) -will shrink gland -n/v, dizziness

    Other pharm support- BBs ans symtom support

  8. Hypothyroidism
    Levothroxine(synthroid, Kevoxyl, Levothroid)- Replace TH, AE- palpitations, tachycardia

    Coumadin users caution increase risk of bleeding r/t increase risk of vit K elimination

    Interfers with Digoxin (toxicity)

    Insuline does may need to be changed
  9. Hyperparathroidism
    • Aredia,-anxiety ,dyspepsia,pancytopenia
    •  fosamax,- esopheageal reflux
    •  zometa -hypotension , nausea, (all inhibit bone reabsorption) short term for bone pain

    Calcitonin horomone- increases calcium excretion by the kidney and inhibits bone reabsoprtion .
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