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  1. Brain injury begins withing _____ mintues without oxygen?
  2. What is the medical term for the voice box?
  3. What is the carina?
    The point at which the trachea splits into the right and left mainstem bronchi.
  4. What are the two layers that surround the lungs called?
  5. The innermost covering of the lungs
    Visceral Pleura
  6. Innermost covering of the lungs is called...
    Parietal Pleura
  7. What is the space inbetween the pleura?
    Pleural Space
  8. What is the name of the fluid in the pleural space?
    Serous Fluid
  9. What percentage does the diaphragm contribute to ventilation.
    60-70 %
  10. The passage of air into and out of the lungs is called ___
  11. What are the components of atmospheric air?
    • Nitrogen
    • Oxygen
    • Carbon Dioxide
    • Other Gases
  12. List the amount of torr of the atmospheric gases in the air..
    • Nitrogen- 597 torr
    • Oxygen- 159 torr
    • Carbon Dioxide- .3 torr
    • Other Gases- 3.7 torr
  13. What percentage does nitrogen take up in the air?
  14. What percentage does oxygen take up in the air?
  15. What percentage does carbon dioxide take up in the air?
  16. What percentage do the other gases take up in the air?
  17. What are the differences in pediatric airways..
    • 1.  greater proportion of soft tissues
    • 2.  Larynx more superior and anterior
    • 3.  Epiglottis rounder and floppier
    • 4.  Smaller jaw
    • 5.  Cricoid cartilage narrowest part of airway
    • 6.  Loosely attached mucous membrane
    • 7.  Tongue takes up larger portion of mouth
    • 8.  Head larger w/ smaller face
  18. What are the 3 steps of airway management?
    • 1.  Position the airway
    • 2.  Suction
    • 3.  Insert an airway adjunct
  19. What is the procedure for positioning a patients airway?
    • 1.  Place patient in supine position if possible
    • 2.  EMT should be at top of patients head
    • 3.  Position facial structures (head lift/chin lift, jaw thrust)
    • 4.  Assess need for suction
  20. What are the two types of suction catheters?
    • 1.  Soft Catheter (French)
    • 2.  Rigid Catheter (Yankauer)
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