Math 1050

  1. What is a constant?

    a number that stands aloneImage Upload 1
  2. What is an algebraic expression?

    Give an example
    Combination of variables, constants, grouping symbols and mathematical operations.

    addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and exponents.Image Upload 2
  3. How do you evaluate an Algebraic expression?

    Give an example
    Substitute with a # for each varImage Upload 3
  4. What is a number?

    Give an example
    Something(#,Var, product of constant) raised to a power.

    Image Upload 4
  5. Whats a coefficient?

    Give an example
    Coefficient of a term is the numeral factor of the term (# n front of var)

    • Coefficient of 14=14
    • Image Upload 5
  6. Whats a like term?

    Give an example of one that is and is not a like term
    Like term: Term with the same var and exponent
  7. Image Upload 6
  8. Distributive Property

    If a, b, and c are real numbers then

    Give an example
    • a(b+c)=a x b + a x c
    • Image Upload 7
  9. How do you simplify an Algebraic expression

    Give an example
    • 1. remove ( ) using distributive property
    • 2. Combine like termsImage Upload 8
  10. What is Algebra?
    letters/symbols rep #'s quantities in equations

    Image Upload 9
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