Consumer Beh ch. 3

  1. Changes in US cultural values
    • widely held beliefs that affirm what is desirable
    • observable shits in behavior, including consumptions behavior
  2. Self Oriented Culture Values
    reflect a society's view of the appropriate relatoinships between individuals and groups
  3. Environmental Oriented Culture Values
    prescibe a society's relationship to its economic, technical and physical environment
  4. Other Oriented Cultural Values
    reflect a society's view of theĀ appropriate relatoinships between individuals and groups
  5. Marketing Strategy and Values
    • Green Marketing
    • Cause Related Marketing
    • Marketing to Gay and Lesbian Consumers
    • Gender Based Marketing
  6. Green Marketing
    • developing products whose production, use, or disposal is less harmful to the environment than the traditional version
    • positive impact on enviro
    • tying the purchase of product to enviro cause (for every item sold, $.10 goes to ________)
  7. Ethical issue for green marketing?
    no regulation: can say things are "green" even if they aren't
  8. Cause Related Marketing
    ties a company and its products to an issue or cause with the goal of improving sales or image while providing benefits to the cause
  9. Marketing to Gay/Lesbian
    • gay market makes up about 7% of US adult population (15.3 million)
    • spends $723 billion
  10. Gender Based Marketing
    gender roles are shifting, both genders make many purchasing decisions
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Consumer Beh ch. 3
Consumer Beh ch. 3