ADD pharm

  1. dextroamphetamine
    • stimulant
    • MOA: increasd DA and NE by blocking their reuptake
    • USES: attention, concentration, ADD
    • AE: insomnia, headache, nervousness, aggitation, federally controlled substance - can lead to dependence
    • CI: hyperthyroid, HTN, history of drug abuse
    • DI: MOAI's - slow absorption and increase actions
  2. Lisdexamfetamine dimesylate
    • Stimulant, long lasting to avoid abuse
    • MOA: converted to dextrophmetamine, blocks NE and DA reuptake
    • USES: ADD
    • prodrug, must be absorbed and metabolized in the blood
  3. methylphenidate
    • stimulant aka ritilin
    • MOA: blocks DA and NE reuptake
    • USES: ADD, narcolepsy, approved for ADHD in children and adults
    • AE: insomnia,headache, irritability, overstimulation
    • transdermal patch - not approved for use in adults - could lead to abuse
  4. caffeine
    • adenosine receptor blocker
    • has nothing to do with DA - therefore cannot work in ADHD
  5. atomoxetine
    • non-stimulant
    • MOA: selective NE reuptake inhibitor
    • USES: ADD
    • AE: sedation, fatigue, decrease appetite, rare but life-threatening liver damage
    • CI: tramadol, increase risk of seizures, don't use with MAOI's
  6. bupropion
    • non-stimulant
    • MOA: boosts NE and DA, blocks the reuptake sites
    • USES: major depression, smoking cessation, not approved for ADD and ADHD
    • AE: dry mouth, constipation, weight loss, most go away with time
    • extended release 1/day best for ADHD
  7. guanfacine XR
    • non-stimulant
    • MOA: alpha 2 agonist, works like clonidine
    • USES: ADD, improves attention, concentration, execution, wakefullness
    • AE: somnolence, headache, fatigue, upper ab pain
    • used when pt also had tics
    • XR, don't crush or chew
    • often used when too activated or oppositional, with tics or emotional outbursts
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