Psych test 1

  1. thorazine o/n
  2. prolixin o/n
  3. haldol o/n
  4. abilify o/n
  5. clozaril o/n
  6. zyprexa o/n
  7. seroquel o/n
  8. risperdal o/n
  9. geodon o/n
  10. Anticholinergic effects
    • Dry mouth
    • Blurred vision
    • Constipation
    • Urinary Retention
  11. Interventions with dry mouth
    • provide the clients with sugarless candy or gum ice and frequent sips of water
    • Strict oral hygiene
  12. Interventions with blurred vision
    • explain that this sympton will most likely subside after a few weeks
    • advise client not to drive a car until vision clears
    • clear small items from pathways to prevent falls
  13. Inverventions with constipation
    order food high in fiber, encourage increase physical activity , and fluid intake if not contradicted
  14. Interventions with urinary retention
    • instruct client to report any difficulty urinating
    • monitor intake and output
  15. Which drugs are more common with the reduction on seizure threshold
    more common with the typical than the atypical antipsychotic drugs, with the exception on clozapine
  16. Which drug should be closely observed for seizures, and should be used with extreme caution when there is a history of seizures
    Clozaril- atypical
  17. Which drugs are more common with agranulocytosis
    Typical than the atypical , with the exception of clozapine
  18. When does agraulocytosis usually occur, and what are the signs and symptoms
    • Within the first 3 months of treatment
    • Sore throat, fever, and malise (CBC should be done immediately)
  19. If given Clozapine, what should you expect to be monitored in refrence to agranulocytosis?
    acceptable range?
    • base line wbc and anc
    • counts done weekly for the first 6 months
    • then biweekly and monthly after that
    • wbc- 3500
    • anc-2000
  20. EPS Is more common with what drugs?
    Typical antipsychotics
  21. EPS signs and symptoms (5)
    • Pseudoparkinsonism
    • akinesia
    • akathisia
    • dystonia
    • oculogyric crisis
  22. Tremor, shuffling, gait, drooling, rigidity

    symptoms appear 1-5 days following initition of antipsychotic meds, occurs mostly in women, the elderly and dehydrated clients
  23. Muscular weakness
  24. Continuous restlessness and fidgeting
    Occurs mostly in women,  symptoms may occur 50-60 days folloiwing intiation of therapy
  25. involuntary muscular movement (spasms) of face arms legs and neck
    this occurs most often in mena and in people younger than 25 yrs old
  26. Uncontrolled rolling back of the eyes
    oculogyric crisis
  27. what eps symptoms should be treated as a medical emergency?
     Dystonia and oculogyric crisis
  28. What drug is mostly common with tardive dyskinesia
    may occur with all classifications but more common with typical antipsychotic drugs
  29. Bizarre facial and tongue movements, stiff neck and difficulty swallowing
    Tardive dyskinesia
  30. Who is more at risk for developing tardive dyskinesia

    reversible or no?

    what is usually the first sign?
    all clients receiving long term therapy

    potentially irreversible

    vermiform movements of the tongue
  31. What drugs are more common to have neuroleptic malignant syndrome?
    More common with the typical thatn the atypical medications
  32. signs and symptons of nms
    • severe parkinsonian muscle rigidity
    • very high fever
    • tachycardia
    • tachpnea
    • fluctuations in bp
    • diaphoresis
    • rapid deterioration of mental status to stupor and coma
  33. when can onset occur for nms
    within hours or even years after drug initiation and progression is rapid over the following 24-72 hours
  34. what should you monitor for nms
    • Vital signs
    • degree of muscle rigidity
    • intake and output
    • level of consciousness
  35. Antiparkinsonian agents used for symptoms of eps

    side effects for these?
    • Cogentin- anticholinergics
    • Benadryl- antihistamin

    Anticholinergic effects, n&v, sedation, dizziness, orthostatic hypotention, exacerbation of psychoses
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