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  1. Scheuermann
    Scheuermann (juvenile) kyphosis, wedging > 5% in at least 3 vertebral bodies
  2. Dowager
    Dowager's Hump, kyphosis
  3. Trendelenburg
    Trendelenburg test, hip abductors (fracture, bursitis)
  4. Spaso
    method for reducing shoulders
  5. Hill Sachs
    Hill Sachs Lesion, posterolateral humaral head indentation s/p dislocation
  6. Bankart
    Bankart Lesion, avulsion of anterior labrum at inferior GH ligament s/p dislocation
  7. Bristow
    surgical repair for shoulder instability
  8. Holstein-Lewis
    distal 1/3 humeral fracture (spiral fx at diaphyseal-metaphyseal junction)
  9. Volksmann
    Volksmann Contracture, injury to brachial artery
  10. Nurse Maid
    Nurse Maids Elbow, radial head dislocation
  11. Tennis Elbow
    Lateral Epicondylitis
  12. Golfer's Elbow
    Medial Epicondylitis
  13. Pitcher's Elbow
    Medial Epicondylitis
  14. Montaggia
    Montaggia Fracture/Dislocation, fx proximal 1/3 of ulna c dislocation of radial head
  15. Hangman
    Hangman's Fracture, C2 pedicle fx
  16. Jefferson
    Jefferson Fracture, burst fx of C1
  17. Clay Shoveler
    Clay Shoveler's Fracture, spinous process fx
  18. Greenstick
    Greenstick Fracture, incomplete fracture
  19. Salter-Harris
    Salter-Harris Fracture, fx involving the growth plate
  20. Sail
    Sail Sign, anterior elbow hematoma on x-ray
  21. Apley
    Apley's Distraction Test, meniscal tear and ligamentous damage
  22. Lachman
    Lachman Test, ACL
  23. Colles
    Colles' Fracture, distal radius fx c dorsal angulation/displacement (dinner fork / bayonet deformity)
  24. Smith
    Smith's Fracture (reverse-Colles), distal radius fx c volar angulation/displacement (garden spade deformity)
  25. Barton
    Barton's Fracture, intra-articular fx of distal radius c dislocation of radiocarpal joint
  26. Chauffer
    Chauffer's Fracture, distal radial styloid process fx
  27. Torus
    Torus Fracture, buckle fracture most often seen in kids
  28. Essex Lopresti
    Essex Lopresti Fracture/Dislocation, proximal radial head fx c dislocation of the distal radioulnar joint
  29. Galeazzi
    Galeazzi Fracture/Dislocation, middle-distal third radial fracture c dislocation of the distal radioulnar joint
  30. Terry Thomas
    Terry Thomas Sign, increased scapholunate space on AP wrist radiograph
  31. Bennet
    Bennet's Fracture, intra-articular fx at the base of the 1st metacarpal (actually fx/dislocation)
  32. Busby
    Busby Fracture (reverse-Bennet), intra-articular fx at base of 5th metacarpal (actually fx/dislocation)
  33. Boxer
    Boxer's Fracture, fx of the 5th metacarpal neck
  34. Mallet
    Mallet Finger (Baseball Finger), injury to extensor tendon at it's attatchment to the distal phalanx
  35. Boutonniere
    Boutonniere Deformity, malalignment of the finger c PIP joint in flexion and DIP joint in hyperextension
  36. Swan Neck
    Swan's Neck Deformity, malalignment of the finger c MCP joint in flexion, PIP in hyperextension, DIP in flexion
  37. Dupuytren
    Dupuytren's Contracture, scarring down of palmar fascia resuting in fixed flexed digit
  38. DeQuervan
    DeQuervan's Tenosynovitis, inflammation of tendons at radial side of wrist at the base of the thumb
  39. Gamekeeper
    Gamekeeper's Thumb (Skier's Thumb), injury to ulnar collater ligament of thumb MCP joint, causing instability c radial deviation
  40. Heberden
    Heberden's Nodes, DIP joints
  41. Bouchard
    Bouchard's NOdes, MCP joints
  42. Felon
    Felon, skin infection in the pad of the finger
  43. Osgood-Schlatter
    Osgood-Schlatter Disease, irritation of the patellar ligament at the tibial tuberosity
  44. Morton
    Morton's Neuroma, benign neuroma of an intermetatarsal plantar nerve
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