Commonly misused words

  1. Accept
    Accept is a verb that means to take what is offered. When the scholarship was offered to Mary, she accepted it (took what was offered) right away.Accept is an Action, and both Accept and Action begin with A.
  2. Except
    Except means other than. Except comes from Latin, and the Latin translation means “to take out.” All of my friends except (other than) James will be going to New York during break.
  3. Adapt
    Adapt is a verb that means to adjust or to make suitable. You had to adapt (or adjust) to the rigors of college courses.
  4. Adopt
    Adopt is a verb that means to take as one’s own.Humane Societies are always in need of families willing to adopt the animals.
  5. Adept
    Adept is an adjective that means highly skilled.  Adept is typically used with the word “at.”I am blessed to have a nephew who is adept at repairing small engines.  In fact, last year he repaired my lawnmower and snow blower. 
  6. Advice
    Advice is a noun, a thing, that means guidance, suggestion, or recommendation.Mary turns to Jon when she needs helpful advice (guidance).
  7. Advise
    Advise is a verb, an action, and it means to give advice or guidance.The Smiths wanted someone to advise them (give advice) regarding the best places to visit in Europe.
  8. Affect
    Affect is a verb, an action, that typically means to have an impact or influence on something.Did you know that Betty’s speech affected about voter registration affected (impacted/influenced) the crowd so deeply that each member of the audience registered to vote?

    • Affect can also mean “to pretend to have,” but this use of affect is not very common.  When
    • the woman, a Green Bay native, moved to New York, she affected a New York
    • accent.      

    Affective is an adjective and means relating to emotions or feelings.  For instance, an affective response is one that is closely tied to our emotions.  
  9. Effect
    Effect is typically used a noun, a thing, and as a noun it means result.Once the hurricane struck, the effect (the result) was terrible: people lost their lives, homes and businesses were destroyed, and the land was ravaged.
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