Strategic Plan

  1. What are the four letters on the front page of the Strategic Plan and what do they stand for?
    • PPRR.
    • Prevent.
    • Prepare.
    • Respond.
    • Recover.
  2. What are MFS strategic plan priorities aligned with?
    • SA community.
    • SA state strategic plan.
    • SAFECOM strategic plan.
    • Justice portfolio.
  3. What is 'Our Vision' in the strategic plan? 3 points.
    • Contribute to a safer SA community.
    • Seek to actively reduce the number of preventable emergency incidents that occur.
    • Ensure our organisation and the community are better prepared for those emergencies that do happen.
  4. What is 'Our Mission' in the strategic plan?
    Ensuring excellence in the provision of services to the SA community that will protect life, property and the environment.
  5. What are 'Our Values' in the strategic plan? 6 points.
    • Community.
    • Safety.
    • Team Work.
    • Diversity.
    • Professionalism.
    • Improvement.
  6. What are the principles behind our value of Community? 3 points.
    • Working with all groups to identify and reduce risk.
    • Being accountable to those we serve.
    • Maintaining a visible supportive presence in our community.
  7. What are the principles behind our value of Safety? 4 points.
    • Identifying risks and hazards.
    • Providing and supporting safe environs.
    • Ensuring legislative compliance.
    • Fostering safe community and workplace behaviours.
  8. What are the principles behind our value of Team Work? 2 points.
    • Engaging in honest and open two-way communication.
    • Ensuring cooperative, inclusive and supportive work practices.
  9. What are the principles behind our value of Diversity? 3 points.
    • Valuing different perspectives.
    • Treating all individuals with dignity, equity, fairness and respect.
    • Employing flexible work practices.
  10. What are the principles behind our value of Professionalism? 4 points.
    • Fostering a learning culture.
    • Modernising our service.
    • Complying with and exceeding recognised performance standards.
    • Acting with integrity and honour.
  11. What are the principles behind our value of Improvement?
    • Evaluating and accepting responsibility for our performance.
    • Striving for excellence in all we do.
    • Learning form our experience.
    • Seeking new and innovative solutions.
  12. What are the KRA's or Key Result Areas of the strategic plan? 7 points.
    • Leadership.
    • Planning.
    • Prevention.
    • Preparedness.
    • Response.
    • Recovery.
    • Governance.
  13. What are the Leadership objectives of the strategic plan? 4 points.
    • Employ innovative and sector leading initiatives.
    • Develop the leadership and management skills of our personnel.
    • Undertake research and deliver strategic services and policy advice.
    • Employ sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.
  14. What are the Prevention objectives of the strategic plan? 3 points.
    • Identify risks associated with fire and other emergencies.
    • Foster behaviours that increase community preparedness.
    • Ensure SA built environs are safe places to live and work.
  15. What are the Preparedness objectives of the strategic plan? 8 points.
    • Establish and maintain career development and management systems.
    • Develop and maintain core skills.
    • Procurement, installation and maintenance of communications and electronic equipment.
    • Ensure MFS alarm systems are connected, maintained and repaired.
    • Ensure procurement and maintenance of MFS fleet capability.
    • Ensure provision of maintenance and repairs service.
    • Ensure MFS buildings are effectively maintained.
    • Ensure MFS logistics are effectively managed.
  16. What are the Response objectives of the strategic plan? 5 points.
    • Ensure appropriate staffing for response.
    • Ensure effective call receipt and dispatch of operational resources.
    • Ensure the appropriate response is committed to all incidents.
    • Ensure response is provided with appropriate timeframes.
    • Contribute to the development of enhanced State emergency management systems.
  17. What are the Recovery objectives of the strategic plan? 2 points.
    • Provide a recovery function that reduces the commercial, economic and social impacts of emergencies.
    • Provide effective recovery support and development to Emergency Services Personnel.
  18. What departments are listed in the strategic plan? 6 points.
    • Community Safety.
    • Training and Development.
    • Infrastructure and Logistics.
    • Metropolitan Operations.
    • Regional Operations.
    • Communications and I.T.
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