MDA 141

  1. oopharo/o
  2. salping/o
    fallopian tubes
  3. hyster/o
  4. uter/o
  5. colp/o
  6. vagin/o
  7. mamm/o
  8. scope
    instrument to view
  9. scopy
    process of viewing
  10. mast/o
  11. perimetrium
    outer layer of the uterus
  12. myometrium
    middle layer of the uterus
  13. endometrium
    inner layer of the uterus
  14. prolactin
    hormone associated with lactation
  15. oxytocin
    hormone needed to induce labor and to return the uterus to normal size
  16. relaxin
    hormone which allows for widening of joints during labor and delivery
  17. FSH
    hormone which cause the ovum to ripen within the ovary
  18. LH
    hormone responsible for triggering ovulation
  19. menarche
    refers to the very FIRST menstruation in which a gril experiences
  20. menopause
    when hormone levels decrease and the menstrual cycles stop
  21. candidiasis
    yeast infection
  22. pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)
    a serious infection of the abdominopelvic region
  23. endometriosis
    a condition in which the endometrial lining grows on the outside of the uterus
  24. uterine prolapse
    a condition in which the uterus is no longer suspended in place and begins to protrude out of the body
  25. plasty
    plastic repair (plastic surgery )
  26. ovarian cyst
    a cyst which forms on the ovary
  27. fibroid tumor
    a non-cancerous yet painful tumor which grows within the uterus
  28. laparoscopy
    the process of viewing the internal body cavity and its contents
  29. colposcopy
    viewing the internal structures of the vagina
  30. hysterectomy
    removal of the uterus
  31. ectomy
    the process of removing
  32. otomy
    to cut into/ to make an incision
  33. pica
    craving for non food items
  34. polyuria
    frequent urination
  35. strech marks
    reddish/puplish striations on the skin
  36. linea nigra
    dark line that runs dorn the abdomen
  37. chloasma
    brownish pigmentation of the face
  38. EDC
    estimated date of confinement
  39. EDD
    estimated date of delivery
  40. WWE
    well woman exam
  41. gravida
    number of pregnancies including miscarriages and abortions
  42. parity (para)
    number of viable(capable) births, including stillborns
  43. nulligravida
    a woman who has never been pregnant
  44. SAB
    spontaneous abortion - miscarriage
  45. EAB
    elected abortion
  46. PIH
    pregnancy induced hypertension
  47. eclampsia/ Toxemia
    a life threatening condition during pregnancy which includes sever hypertension and seizures
  48. preeclampsia
    early signs and symptoms of Eclampsia
  49. ectopic pregnancy
    egg implants outside the uterus, usually in the fallopian tube
  50. abruptio placenta
    premature separation of placenta from the uterine wall
  51. placenta previa
    placenta implants low in uterus putting the mother and fetus at risk
  52. dysmennorrhea
    difficult or painful menstruation
  53. phall/o
  54. prostatitis
    inflammation and infection of the prostate
  55. epididymitis
    inflammation and infection of the epididymis
  56. testicul/o
  57. STD/VD
    sexually transmitted disease or venereal disease
  58. hepatitis
    inflammation of the liver
  59. orchid/o
  60. genital herpes
    open blister-like sores on and around the genitals
  61. genital warts
    wart-like growths that appear on the genitals and or anus.
  62. syphilis
    a sexually transmitted disease which causes lesions or chancres on the genitals,anus and mouth etc
  63. trichomonas vaginalis
    a disease caused by protozoa and transmitted through sexual intercourse
  64. pexy
    surgical repair or fixation
  65. WCE
    well child exam
  66. reye's syndrome
    a life threatening disease which affects many organs, especially the brain and liver.
  67. impetigo
    a contagious bacterial skin infection which causes "erythema" (redness) and honey-colored crust
  68. cystic fibrosis
    a genetic disorder that cause mucous to build up in the lungs and blockage of the pancreatic ducts
  69. pediculosis
    refers to an infestation of head lice
  70. varicella
    the virus which causes chicken pox
  71. fifth disease
    a viral disease which causes a red rash on the cheek which resembles a a"slapped cheek"
  72. pulmonologist
    a physician who specializes in lung disorders and diseases
  73. nas/o
  74. rhin/o
  75. pneum/o
  76. pulmon/o
  77. external respiration
    oxygen inhaled from the air is exchange with carbon dioxide from the blood
  78. internal respiration
    exchange of gases between the blood and tisue cells
  79. tidal volume
    the amount of air inhaled and exhaled during a normal respiration
  80. dyspnea
    difficulty breathing
  81. hypoxia
    inadequate oxygen
  82. apnea
    periodic cessation (stopping) of breathing
  83. asphyxia
    insufficient intake of oxygen (suffocation )
  84. aphonia
    loss of ability to produce sound
  85. suptum (phlegm)
    mucus coughed up from lungs
  86. dysphonia
  87. epistaxis
  88. laryngitis
    inflammation of the larynx, including the vocal cords
  89. pharyngitis
    acute or chronic infection of the pharynx
  90. rhinitis
    runny nose
  91. sinusitis
    acute or chronic inflammation of the mucous membrane of the sinuses
  92. asthma
    bronchial inflammation and spasm
  93. bronchitis
    inflammation of the mucous membranes of the bronchi
  94. chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
    a progressive, irreversible condition with diminished respiratory capacity
  95. emphysema
    enlarge alveoli
  96. pleurisy
    inflammation of the lining of the lung
  97. pulmonary embolism
    a clot or blockage which becomes lodged in the respiratory tract and immediately cuts off airways
  98. tuberculosis
    an infectious disease spread by droplets from an infected person
  99. pneumonia
    a bacterial or viral infection in the alveoli
  100. arterial blood gas (ABG )
    measure oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood
  101. SVN/ small volume nebulizer
    a device which distributes a mist of medicated saline to help open the airways
  102. thoraciocentesis
    a surgical puncture in the chest to remove fluid
  103. ophthalmologist
    a physician who specializes in disorders and diseases of the eyes
  104. cataract
    a cloudiness of the lens of the eye which results in decreased vision
  105. sty/ hordeolum
    an infection of the lacrimal glands or hair follicle
  106. conjuctivitis
    (pinkeye) and infection of the mucous membrance covering the sclera and cornea
  107. glaucoma
    a disease in which damage to the optic nerve and intraocular pressure within the eye results in vision loss
  108. hyperopia
  109. myopia
  110. astigmatism
    unfocused refraction of light rays
  111. presbyopia
    vision change resulting from loss of ens elasticity
  112. amblyopia
    lazy eye
  113. VA/ visual acuity
    a test used to determine a patient's vision standards
  114. otolaryngologist/ENT
    a physician who specializes in disease and disorders of the ears,nose and throat
  115. ceruminosis
    refers to excessive earwax
  116. otitis media
    inflammation or infection of the middle ear
  117. otitis externa
    inflammation or infection of the external ear cause by fluid build-up (swimmer's ear )
  118. ot/o
  119. aur/o
  120. apthlam/o
  121. ocul/o
  122. blephar/o
  123. meningitis
    inflammation of the meninges surrounding the brain
  124. encephalitis
    inflammation of the brain
  125. herpes/zoster
    a viral infection of the nerve roots which cause a painful rash on one side of the body
  126. multiple sclerosis
    a progressive disease which causes the protective lining covering the nerves (myelin sheath ) to deteriorate
  127. parkinson's disease
    neurologic disorder that affects specific neurotransmitters in the brain
  128. epilepsy
    a brain disorder involving repeated, spontaneous seizures of any type
  129. hydrocephalus
    excessive cerebrospinal fluid trapped in the spaces of the brain cause the head to dramtically enlarge
  130. cerebral palsy
    a neuromuscular disorder which resulting from CNS damage during infant delivery
  131. cephalalgia
  132. cephalodynia
  133. cephal/o
  134. encephal/o
  135. congestive heart failure
    progressive heart failure which leads to damage of the vital organs and death
  136. angina pectoris
    chronic chest pain due to a lack of blood and oxygen to the heart muscle
  137. hypertension
    high blood pressure usually 140/90
  138. hypotention
    low blood pressure usually 90/60
  139. varicose veins
    inflammation and bulging of the superficial veins of the legs
  140. myocardia infarction
    heart attack
  141. rrhagia
    an abnormal or excessive flow or discharge ; hemorrhage
  142. men/o
  143. metr/o
  144. rrhaphy
    to suture
  145. menorrhagia
    is an abnormally heavy and prolonged menstrual period
  146. hirsutism
    refers to excessive body and facial hair in women
  147. alopecia
    in a condition in which hair is absent from some or all areas of the body
  148. rosacea
    is a chronic inflammatory condition characterized by facial redness
  149. dermat/o
  150. vitiligo
    a skin condition in which there is loss of pigment on certain areas of the skin, resulting in irregular white patches
  151. pustule
    a pimple whihc is visibly inflamed and filled with pus,bacteria and WBC's
  152. papule
    a blocked hair follicle or pore whihc is red, firm, inflamed and not filled with pus. papules are extremely tender to the touch
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