Old TEE test 1

  1. The Bible is made of two testaments/covenants
    Old testament (39 books) and New Testament (27 books)
  2. 3 appraoches of reading the Old Testament
    • As History
    • As Literature
    • As Theology
  3. The era of Formation
    When God found Israel as nation and settled her in the land Canaan
  4. The era of Theocracy
    when God ruled Israel as King
  5. The era of monarchy
    when God ruled Israel through a Human king (samuel-chronicles)
  6. The era of captivity
    when God sent Israel away from Canaan into exile because of her continual rebellion
  7. The era restoration
    when God brought Israel back home to Canaan because of his mercy to His covenant
  8. Old Testament can be divided into 3 major literary divisons
    • History (Pentateuch & historical books)
    • Poetry (Psalms, Proverbs, etc.)
    • Prophets (Major and Minor)
  9. The message of the Old Testament is...
    God is HOLY...we are SINNERS...we need a SAVIOR
  10. Pentateuch
    Penta: 5 teuchos: scrolls (translates five scrolls)
  11. Pentatuch-first 5 books of the OT
    AKA: LAW or the books of MOSES
  12. Genesis
    written 1425 BC
  13. Genesis key characters
    • Adam & Eve (first people)
    • Noah (perserved human race)
    • Abraham (father of the nation of Israel) - Patriarch
    • Isaac (child of promise) - Patriarch
    • Jacob (fathered the twelve tribes of Israel) - Patriarch
    • Joseph (through whom God delivered Jacob and his family from famine, thus saving Israel and keeping God's promises to Abraham)
  14. Genesis spends
    • 20% on Chapter 1-11 man's problem CREATION and THE FALL
    • 80% on Chapters 12-50 salvation with God's call of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Josepph
  15. Day 1 of Creation
  16. Day 2 of Creation
    Upper and lower waters
  17. Day 3 of Creation
    Dry ground
  18. Day 4 of Creation
    Stars, solar system, sun and moon
  19. Day 5 of Creation
    Birds & sky; Fish & animals
  20. Day 6 of Creation
    Land animals, reptiles and man
  21. Day 7 of Creation
    The Sabbath (to rest)
  22. Four important truths about the creation of people Day 6
    • God speaks as Creator King
    • God mad us in his image
    • We are the managers, not owners, of God's creation
    • God pleased with what He made, especially when He made men and women.
  23. Characteristics of human race in Creation
    You were created perfectly (i.e. without sin)
  24. Pre-Fall
    no shrubs
  25. Pre-Flood
    no flood rains
  26. Pre-toil
    no man to work the ground
  27. You created man
    • "from the dust"
    • "breath of nostrils"
    • "living being"
  28. The Human race was created historically
  29. Five warning signs of temptation
    • 1. Challenging God's word
    • 2. Twist God's word
    • 3. Not trusting God's heart
    • 4. Trying to take the place of God in your life
    • 5. Focusing on the short term pleasure and not what can actually satisfy the soul
  30. The Impacts of Sin
    • SHAME
    • We CUT ourselves off from God
    • We BLAME each other
    • CHRIST would have to DIE for sin
    • increased PAIN in childbirth
    • CONFLICT between the sexes 3:16
    • creation itself FELL under a curse
    • PAINFUL toil to make a living which is why work is so hard and injustices abound. It should drive us to the cross
    • Physical and SPIRITUAL death
  31. Consequences of Sin
    • the first MURDER.cain killed his brother ABEL
    • the human races turns AWAY from God
    • the DEPRAVITY of humanity, and judgment through a flood
    • a SECOND CHANCE for fallen sinners in a fallen world.
    • the human race blew it again when they tried to build a tower to heaven in Babel so that "we may make a NAME for ourselves and not be SCATTERED over the face of the whole earth"
  32. Purpose of Exodus
    • Deliverance of Israel from SLAVERY in Egypt
    • the giving of LAW on MOUNT SINAI
    • the building of the TABERNACLE
  33. 10 plagues God sent agains Pharaoh
    • NILE TO BLOOD-Exodus 7:19-21
    • ==against KAHNUM, gaurdian of the nile
    • ==against HAPI, spirit of the nile
    • ==against Tauret, hippopotamus goddess of the river
    • ==against NU, the god of life in the nile
    • FROGS-Exodus 8:2-6
    • ==the god HEQT appeared in the form of a frog; believed to assist in fertility and childbirth
    • Gnats
    • Swarm of Flys
    • Plagues of Livestock
    • Boils
    • Hail
    • Locusts
    • Darkness
    • DEATH OF THE FIRST BORN-Exodus 11:4-7
    • ==Osiris, the greatest of Egypt's gods could not stop this plague
    • ==Selket, the gaurdian of life, powerless
    • ==Renenutet, the cobra goddess and Pharaoh's personal guardian god, could not stop Pharaoh's son and heir from dying
    • ==...forced the Paraoh to let the Hebrews go.
  34. 10 Commandments
    • No other GODS
    • No IDOLS
    • Reverence the name and character of God
    • Keep the SABBATH holy
    • Honor PARENTS
    • Do not MURDER
    • Do not commit ADULTRY
    • Do not STEAL
    • Do not LIE
    • Do not COVENT
  35. Functions of the law
    • given to Israel as the TERMS of her covenant with HIM
    • law reveals the HOLY character of God
    • law for the people to STAND before God,but no one could keep it. Thus, the law could not SAVE anyone
    • shed BLOOD wasthe only thing that could make atonment for sin
    • law made ppeople CONSCIOUS of their sin and need for a savior
    • system of sacrifices that ATONEMENT
    • moral requirements of the law are ETERNAL
  36. What is a covenant?
    Testament and relationship (treaty, contract, or other agreement)
  37. God's promise to Abraham?
    • PERSONAL blessing
    • to make him a BLESSING
    • to BLESS all the nations through him
    • the land of CANAAN
  38. the
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