1. What are the characteristics of a Acer Macrophyllum ( big leaf maple)??
    • Leaves -     opposite very large, 5 lobes, dark green
    • Buds-           very large terminal bud, greenish to reddish
    • Fruit-   Samara
    • Bark-   grayish brown, shallowly furrowed
  2. Characteristics if a Acer Glabrum ( douglas maple)?
    • Its a shrub
    • Leaves-  opposite 3-5 lobes  , coarsely toothed, dark green top- grayish green bottom

    • Fruit-  Samara sharp V < 45 degrees
    • Buds- Blunt smooth visible red
    • Bark- smooth reddish-brown
  3. What are the characteristics of a Acer Circinatum ( vine maple)??
    • Shrub
    • Leaves-  opposite 7-9 lobes   sharp single or double teeth
    • Buds- terminal bud lacking
    • Fruit- Samara extremely wide
    • Bark- greenish becomin reddish brown smooth  sometimes shallow cracks
  4. What is the characteristic Cornus nuttallii (pacific flowering dogwood) ?
    • Leaves- opposite  oval pointed toothed edge
    • Flowers- white flowers 4-6 white leaves surround a cluster 30- 40 small green flowers
    • Berries - dark red berries
    • Bark- smooth & gray  small plates with age
    • Buds- globular  1 pair scales covered in white hairs
  5. What are the characteristics of Cornus stolonifera ( red osier dogwood) ?
    • Leaves - opposite Smooth  pinnate
    • Berries- white, black clusters
    • Twig- reddish green deep green reddish
  6. What are the characteristics of Quercus garryana ( garry oak)?
    • Leaves - Alternate  5-7 lobes rounded  shiny dar green
    • bumps- gall wasps
    • Buds- lateral , terminal bud elongated , scales narrow
    • , smooth, densley harry, light brow
    • Size- Small trees up to 20m high, 150cm diameter
    • Form- numorous knobby twisty branches 
  7. What are the charecteristics of Malus fusca? (Pacific Crab Apple)
    • Fruits- smaller, 12-20mm long, longer than wide, red or yellow will red patches, not waxy
    • Bark- young (rough and scaly), mature (large flat scales)
    • Leaves -alternate, pinnate egg shaped irregular lobs toothed
  8. What are the characteristics of the Cratagaeus douglassii (Black Hawthorne)
    • Height- 11m
    • Leaves- small 2-8cm long, coursley double toothed to shallowly lobbed , almost hairless
    • Thorns- short, usually less than 3cm long
    • Fruits- ovoid, 8-10cm across, dark reddish purple to black
  9. What are the characteristics of the Prunus Emarginata (Bitter Cherry)?
    • Leaves- oval, 3-4cm long, taper to base, tip round/wedge, yellowish green, hairless beneath, spreds from twig
    • Buds- Larger 3-4 mm pointed
    • Twigs- Downy becoming smooth, dark red
    • Flowers- in clusters of 5-12
    • Fruit- 6-15mm across, bright red,dark red when ripe (jun-aug)
    • Bark- bitter taste accentulated
  10. What are the characteristics of the Rhamnus purshiana (cascara)?
    • Leaves- alternate 4-16 cm long, short blunt, round base, fine toothed, undersurface slightly hairy, parallel veins, 10-15 pairs
    • Buds- small, no scales, rows of 4, terminal bud present
    • Twigs- slender, yellow, hairy, redishbrown, leaf scars cresent shaped, raised, scattered veins
    • Flowers-yellow/green
    • Fruit-berry like, blackish rounded with small nutlets
    • Bark- thin, smooth, dark greyish brown, becomes scaly
  11. What are the characteristics of the Populus balsamifera (bulsam poplar)?
    • Leaves- stalk long 7-10cm, warty glands may be present
    • Buds- terminal large buds, up to 25cm, margins hairless round
    • Twigs- round, reddish brown turning orange then grey
    • Flowers- pollen catkins 7-10cm long
    • Fruit- mature seed catkins- 10-13cm, capsuls ovoid, larger, hairless 6-7cm long splitting in 2 when mature
    • Bark
  12. What are the characteristsics of the Arbutus mensiezii ( Arbutus)?
    • Leaves- simple oval evergreen thick leathery alternate  pinnate
    •  Buds- terminal bud green pointed over lapping scales
    • Flowers- white strong honey due odour  branched clusters
    • Fruits- berry-like orange red
    • Bark- think smooth reddish brown peeling in papery flakes
  13. What are the characteristics of the Alnus Rubra ( red alder)?
    • Leaves- oval- rhombic  pointed bright green  double toothed almost lobed veins form ladder like pattern
    • Buds- green 2 or 3 hairy scales
    • Flowers- pollen catkins small clusters at shoot tips visible in winter
    • Fruits- mature catkins  short stalked abundant nutlet long narrow or wing encircled
    • Bark- smooth light gray  usuallt almost white with lichens  separating into irregualr flat plates with age
  14. What are the characteristics of the Salix lucida ( pacific willow)?
    • Leaves-alternate  lance shaped  tip often long pointed and twisted
    • finely toothed
    • Buds- stout , light reddish brown
    • Flowers- catkins  short leafy shoots appear with leaves
    • Bark- gray brown furrowed  broad flat scaly plates
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