Unit 1 Vocab. List

  1. Agency
    The idea that an object possesses qualities that help to effect change.
  2. Animism
    The belief that the forces of nature are inhabited by living spirits.
  3. Anthropomorphism
    The practice of investing plants, animals, and nautral phenomena with human form or attributes.
  4. Civilization
    A culture that possesses the ability to organize itself thoroughly and communicates through written language.
  5. Cromlech
    A circle of megaliths, usually surrounding a mound.
  6. Culture
    The set of vaules, beliefs, and behaviors that governs or determines a common way of living formed gy a group of people and passes on from one generation to the next.
  7. Epic
    A long narrative poem in an elevated language that follows characters of a high postition through a series of adventures, often including a visit to the world of the dead.
  8. Megalith
    Literally, "big stone", large, usually rough, stones used in a monument or structure.
  9. Menhir
    A large, single, upright stone.
  10. Myth
    A story that a culture assumes is true. A myth also embodies the culture's views and beliefs about its world.
  11. Stele
    An upright stone slab carved with a commemorative design or inscription.
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Unit 1 Vocab. List
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