CSC 170 Cards.txt

  1. CPU
    the "brains" the computer.
  2. Main memory
  3. Assembler
    Program that translates the program written in assembly language into the program into machine language
  4. High-level language
    Programming languages closer to the natural languages. Examples include FORTRAN COBOL Pascal C C++.
  5. Compiler
    A program that translates instructions written hi level languages into machine code
  6. source program
    A program written in high-level language.
  7. Program statements that begin with #
    Preprocessor detectives
  8. object program
    the machine language version of a high level language program
  9. algorithm
    A step by step problem solving process in which solution is arrived at in the finite amount of time.
  10. cout << fixed
    Sets a fixed decimal
  11. cout << setpercision(x)
    tells the number (x) of significant digits
  12. cout << showpoint
    Show the decimal point and trailing zeros
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CSC 170 Cards.txt
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