GRE Vocabulary 2

  1. Contumacious
  2. Corroborate
    To confirm
  3. Countenance
    Appearance, especially the expression of the face
  4. Craven
  5. Credulity
    Willingness to behave or trust too readily
  6. Cronyism
    the practice of favoring one's friends; esp. politically
  7. Cursory
    Hasty review of something
  8. Dearth
    An inadequate supply; lack of
  9. Decorum
    Orderliness and good taste in manners
  10. deleterious
    hurtful, morally or physically
  11. delineate
    to represent a sketch or diagram
  12. depravity
    The sate of being morally bad or evil
  13. Deride
    To ridicule
  14. Derision
  15. Derivative
    Something obtained from a source
  16. Desultory
    aimless; haphazard
  17. diatribe
    bitter or malicious criticism
  18. Didactic
    pertaining to teaching
  19. Dilatory
    Causing Delay
  20. Disconcert
    To disturb the composure of 
  21. Discretion
    The power to act according to one's own judgement
  22. Disquiet
    lack of calm, peace
  23. Dissemble
    To disguise or pretend
  24. Dissolution
    Breaking up a union of persons
  25. Divest
    To strip; deprive
  26. Divulge
    To tell or make known
  27. Doldrums
    A state of inactivity or low spirits
  28. Dubious
  29. Dupe
    Someone easily fooled
  30. Ebullient
    Showing great enthusiasm or exhilarations
  31. Efficacy
    Power to produce an intended effect
  32. Effrontery
    Shameless boldness
  33. Egress
  34. elegy
    A poem lamenting the dead
  35. elicit
    to extract without violence; to learn through discussion
  36. Elitism
    Consciousness of pride in belonging to a group
  37. Embellish
    To add attractive and ornamental features
  38. Emulate
  39. Enervate
    To Weaken
  40. Engender
    To Produce
  41. Ennui
  42. ephermeral
  43. Equable
    Free from many changes or variations
  44. Equivocal
  45. equivocate
    to use ambiguous or unclear expressions
  46. Eradicate
    To destroy completely
  47. erudite
    Very Learned
  48. Eschew
    To keep clear of
  49. Esoteric
    Hard to understand
  50. Exacerbate
    To make worse
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