Vyne Reds by Glass

  1. Gamay (1)
    • varietal: gamay
    • producer/proprietary name: Domaine Dupre "Terre Noire"
    • vintage: 2007
    • region: Burgundy
    • tasting notes: "light to medium bodied, dry not over the top fruity like Beaujolais Nouveau. it displays black fruits, noticable earth, and fine tannins"
  2. Zweigelt (2)
    • varietal: zweigelt (cross between blaufrankisch and st. laurent grapes)
    • producer/proprietary name: Anita & Hans Nittnaus
    • vintage: 2007
    • region: Burgenland, Austria
    • tasting notes: biodynamic vineyard "medium body, with ripe cherry-like fruit, hints of earth and spice, with soft to moderate tannins"
  3. Pinot Noir (3)
    • varietal: pinot noir
    • producer/proprietary name: Chateau du Chorey "Vielles Vignes"
    • vintage: 2006
    • region: Burgundy
    • tasting notes: "light-medium bodied, very dry, with flavors of black cherry, earth, and minerals supported by moderate-plus acidity"
  4. Tinta Roriz/Tinta Miuda/Camarate (4)
    • varietal: blend of tinta roriz(known in Spain as tempranillo), tinta miuda, and camarate
    • producer/proprietary name: Caves Vidigal "Reserva"
    • vintage: 2008
    • tasting notes: "light to medium bodied, with youthful flavors of plum, cassis, blackberry, complemented by subtle spice and smoke notes. moderate tannins provide the structure for an 'easy drinking' experience"
  5. Cotes du Rhone (5)
    • varietal: grenache, syrah
    • producer/proprietary name: Kermit Lynch "Cypress Cuvee"
    • vintage: 2006
    • region: Rhone
    • tasting notes: dark fruit, earthy (forest floor, mushroom), little spicy from syrah "medium body, with generous ripe red fruits, mushrooms and a hint of leather"
  6. Cabernet Sauvignon Blend (6)
    • varietal: cabernet sauvignon(51%), merlot(46%) with dash of malbec, cabernet franc, & petit verdot ("bordeaux-style blend")
    • producer/proprietary name: Chappelet "Mountain Cuvee"
    • vintage: 2007
    • region: Napa Valley, California
    • tasting notes: "full-bodied, with expressive notes of blackberry, cherry and cassis. Hints of chocolate and espresso are layered with spicy oak for added complexity. The smooth tannins are infused with ripe sweet fruit to create a lush, supple texture and a gentle finish"
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