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  1. привет
    hi (informal)
  2. как дела?
    how's it going? (how are things?)
  3. хорошо
    good; well
  4. а у тебя?
    and you? (and by you?)
  5. так себе
    so-so (somewhat negative)
  6. извини
    excuse (me); pardon (me); sorry
  7. мне некогда
    i'm in a hurry (to me there's no time)
  8. пока
    (see you) later
  9. ну
  10. ладно
    OK; alright (agreement)
  11. до свидания
    good-bye; see you later
  12. нахал
    rude person who doesn't think of others; jerk (male)
  13. что слышно
    what's up?; what's new? (what's audible?)
  14. не спрашивай
    don't ask
  15. ничего
    nothing (also 'not bad; ok' as an adverb)
  16. нахалка
    rude person who doesn't think of others; jerk (female)
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