Pharmacology test review chapter 1

  1. Define Assessment
    the process that helps you gather information about the patient. involves looking and listening carefully ---  9begin from moment you walk into the room)
  2. Ausculation
    listening with the stethoscope
  3. Database
    Record from which all other nursing prosesses grow (begins to build during the Assesment process)
  4. Subjective data
    • information given by patients or family, includes the concerns or symptoms felt by the patient
    • EX. chief problem (in pt.'s words
  5. Objective Data
    Provided when the health care provider given the patient a physical examination. - also comes from documents
  6. Inspection
    Close observation
  7. Palpation
  8. percussion
    deteceing differences in in vibrations through skin
  9. Nursing process
    and five steps
    the well known plan that helps guide the nurses work 

    • 1 - Assessment
    • 2 - Diagnosis
    • 3 - Planning
    • 4 - implamentation
    • 5 - Evaluation
  10. Diagnosis
    a conclusion about the patient's problem
  11. the SIX patients rights
    • 1 - the right drug
    • 2 - the right time
    • 3 - the right dose
    • 4 - the right patient
    • 5 - the roght rout
    • 6 - the right documentation
  12. Implamentation
    involves following a care plan, and giving medicine acuraelty to a patient
  13. the right drug
    • carefully check the spelling of the name and the dose of each medication before the drug is given.
    •  - read the drug label at least three times
    • 1 before taking the drug from the unit dose cart
    • 2 before preparing, and measuring the prescribed drug
    • 3 before putting medications back in the shelf or before opening the medication  to give to the patient
  14. Evaluation
     the process of looking at what happens when a care plan is implamented
  15. therapeutic effects
     are seen when the drug dose does what it was supposed to do.
  16. Adverse side effects
    seen when patients do not respond to their mediationsin the way that they should or develop mew signs or symptonms.
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Pharmacology test review chapter 1
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