ap world ch1 vocab

  1. Sumerians
    people who migrated into mesopotamia  4000 b.c.e  created first cilivilization within region organized within city states
  2. homo sapiens
    humaniod species that emerged as most sucessful at the end of the paleolithic period
  3. prehistoric
    span of time before recorded history
  4. neaderthals
    • first people
    • uneduated
    • and communicate with a educated language
  5. bronze age
    from 4000 b.c.e when bronze tools were first introduced in the middle east, then till about 1500 b.c.e when iron replaced it
  6. hamburabi
    the most inportant ruler of the babylonians emipire responsible for the codification of law
  7. harappa
    allong with mesoptamia, major urban complex of harppan cuvilization laid out on a planned grid pattern
  8. mesoptoamia
    litterally "between the rivers" the civilizations that arose in the allural plane of the tigris and the euphrates river valley
  9. agrarian revolution
    change from hunting and gathering to agricultural society
  10. demestication
    train or change somehting to benefit humans
  11. pastorialism
    branch of agruculture that involes livestock
  12. social differentation
     different rules for eitheer men and women , or class groups
  13. matrilocal
    custom when husband goes to live with the wives family
  14. hunting and gathering
    • moving around to hunt and gather to survive
    • usually travel in bands
  15. neolithic age
    • new stone age,
    • invented agriculute
    • cities
    • forshadowing of civilization which would end the stone age
  16. neolithic revbolution
    beginning of agricuture develpoping
  17. band
    herding people traveled in groups of people who traveled who had strong kinship ties.
  18. catal huyuk
    a neolithic  village in southern turkey
  19. slash and burn agricultre
    • burn down trees
    • farm excessivly till grounds are depleted
  20. indo europeans
    migrants who combined there religions and political wiews witht the early cities
  21. civilizations
    societys with enough economic surplus to form divison of labor, social hiarchy,
  22. nomads
    • people who move from place to place
    • hunters and gathers
  23. babylonians
    group with large empire ruled under hammurabi, the code
  24. harappa
    • large city
    • had running water
    • thriving
  25. matrilineal
    were decent is traced by mother not father
  26. mesopotamia
    • place in the valley of tigris and euphrates river
    • first example of civilization developed from scratch
  27. paleolithic
    • small bands of people traveled in hunting and gathering
    • with woood and stone tools
  28. ideographs
    symbols of writing
  29. paleolithic age
    • age were people learned to use more tools and obtain a larger brain capascity
    • old stone age
  30. jericho
    early walled urban culture site bases on sedentary agrigculture; located in modern israeli-occupied west name near jordan river
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