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  1. extemporize
    make up on the spot
  2. acquiesce
    to agree
  3. platitude
    pointless, unoriginal statement
  4. caravansary
    inn found in eastern countries
  5. engender
    to produce
  6. laconic
    using the absolute minimun number of words
  7. concede
    admit to a certain outcome of something
  8. equivocal
  9. conciliatory
    intended to reconcile/make peace
  10. tenuous
  11. ambivalent
    having mixed feelings
  12. tenet
    principle, doctrine
  13. restive
  14. capitulate
    to give up resistance; surrender
  15. highest level of organization of a species
  16. 3 domains of life
    • 1) bacteria
    • 2) archaea
    • 3) eukarya
  17. order of classification (9)
    • 1) domain
    • 2) kingdom
    • 3) phyla
    • 4) class
    • 5) order
    • 6) family
    • 7) genus
    • 8) species
    • 9) subspecies

    "Dirty King Phillip Came Over For Good Sticky Sex"
  18. During photosynthesis, glucose is produced from:
    CO2 and H2O

    6CO2 + 12H2O + LIGHT ENERGY -> C6H12O6 + 6O2 + 6H2O
  19. What joins together nucleotides in a polynucleotide molecule?
    phosphodiester linkage between a 3'OH group and a 5' phosphate group
  20. The 5' cap on mRNA is a:
    modified guanine residue
  21. Bacteria that have flagella are classified as:
    bacilli or spirilla
  22. enzyme that acts specifically to relieve the strain caused by unwinding a DNA double helix
  23. A higher concentration of Na+ ions is found [inside OR outside] a cell.
  24. condyloid joint
    angular motion in 2 planes and circumduction
  25. the first protein of the transcription initiation complex
  26. sliding filament model
    sarcomere contracts, thick & thin filaments slide across each other
  27. photoautotrophs
    bacteria that depend on light and CO2
  28. coenzyme that links together 2 different redoc reactions
    hydrogen carriers
  29. plasmogamy
    the fusion of 2 parent cytoplasm during fungi sexual reproduction
  30. The start codon codes for what amino acid?
    AUG; methionine
  31. The 2 main components of bacterial cytoplasm:
    • 1) DNA
    • 2) ribosomes
  32. organelle responsible for the capture/storage of calcium ions
    smooth ER
  33. urine is concentrated in the
    juxtamedullary nephron capillary beds
  34. an increase in estrogen inhibits what hormones?
    FSH and LH (preventing development of more follicles)
  35. The Chain Rule
    If f(x) and g(x) are differentiable functions, and Image Upload 1, then F'(x) = f'(g(x)) g'(x). 

    Alternatively, if y=f(u) and u=g(x), then Image Upload 2
  36. the vertical line inside the rectangle in a box plot indicates:
    the median
  37. Image Upload 3?
  38. incumbent
    person who currently holds the position
  39. diaphanous
    light and delicate
  40. cursory
    hasty and superficial
  41. fray
    struggle; fight
  42. Boyle's law

    the P of a fixed amount of gas at a constant T is inversely proportional to the V of gas
  43. Charles' law

    • V at a constant P is directly proportional to T
  44. Avogadro's law

    V is directly proportional to n
  45. Ideal gas law

    Boyle's + Charles' laws
  46. Dalton's law
    law of partial pressures - the total P of a mixture of gases is equal to the sum of the P that would be exerted by each gas if it occupied the space on its own

    P1 = X1Ptotal
  47. Kinetic Molecular Theory of Gases
    The average KE of gas molecules is proportional to the gas's TEMPERATURE

    KE = 1/2 mv2

    • gases are:
    • composed of separate molecules
    • in constant motion
    • do not exert attractive/repulsive forces on one another
  48. Graham's law
    Graham's law of diffusion/effusion

    r1/r2 = Image Upload 4

    • r= rate of diffusion
    • M= molar mass
  49. colligative properties
    • properties of solutions; 
    • depend on the conectrations of different parts of the solution
  50. Raoult's law
    the vapor pressure of a solvent (P1) over a solution is given by the vapor pressure of the pure solvent (P1o) times the mole fraction (X1) the solvent in the solution

    P1 = X1P1o
  51. pH equation
    pH = -log10[H3O+]
  52. Equilibrium constant equation (Ka)
    KaImage Upload 5
  53. strong acid + strong base = ? 
    salt + water
  54. strong acid + weak base = ?
    • salt;
    • weakly acidic solution
  55. weak acid + strong base = ?
    • hydroxide ions;
    • basic solution
  56. weak acid + weak base = ?
    pH dependent on relative strength of each reactant
  57. strong acids
    • HCl
    • HClO4

  58. strong bases
    • NaOH
    • KOH
  59. oxidizing agent
    • oxidizes
    • is reduced
    • gains electrons
  60. total electrolytic cell potential (Eocell) equation
    Eocell = Eocathode - Eoanode
  61. cathode
    electrode where reduction occurs
  62. anode
    electrode where oxidation occurs
  63. reaction quotient (Q) equation
     Image Upload 6


    aA + bB -> cC + dD
  64. electromotive force, emf
    work per unit charge that is required to produce an electrical current

    emf = Eored + Eoox
  65. redox reaction in a galvanic cell

    (+) standard emf
  66. redox reaction in an electrolytic cell

    (-) standard emf
  67. amount of heat exchanged when a substance undergoes a change in T
    q = msImage Upload 7T
  68. work equation
    w = fD
  69. enthalpy
    heat content of a substance at constant pressure
  70. Image Upload 8
    • enthalpy change;
    • change in heat content from the initial to the final state of a substance

    Image Upload 9
  71. entropy
    measure of randomness and disorder of a system; S

    Image Upload 10
  72. entropy of the surroundings of a system
    Image Upload 11
  73. Gibbs free energy
    amount of available energy in a system

    • Image Upload 12
    • Image Upload 13
  74. reaction rate equations
    rate Image Upload 14
  75. rate law, k
    rate = Image Upload 15
  76. Le Chatelier's principle
    if an external stress is applied to a system, the system responds by adjusting the reaction in a way that offsets the stress as the system achieves a new equilibrium
  77. Kp and Kc
    KpImage Upload 16
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