American Revolution- 2

  1. Where was the first shot fired of the American Revolution?
    Western MA, Lexington and Concord
  2. British troops marched down Lexington Rd. to Concord to seize arms and arrest rebel leaders?
    • Sam Adams
    • John Hancock
  3. Who warned the colonists that the British were on their way? (Lexington and Concord)
    Paul Revere
  4. Colonial militia meet British soldiers on Lexington Green. What happened to the militia? What do the British soldiers do? What do they find? What happens on the way back to Boston? 
    • Flees to the woods and regroups
    • Soldiers continue to Concord
    • Find no arms
    • Soldiers attaked on their way back to Boston, suffer many casualties 
  5. What battle was when shots are fired, "the shot heard 'round the world"
    Lexington and Concord
  6. What was the 1st major battle of the American Revolution?
    Battle of Bunker Hill, MA
  7. What battle was colonial militas repulsed wave after wave of British assaults, but ran out of ammunition and had to retreat?
    Battle of Bunker Hill 
  8. Where did the British ship land? What did the British try to control? Who went to oppose? Where did he end up moving to?
    • Long Island, NY
    • Hudson River
    • George Washington 
    • Delware River
  9. What are Hessians?
    Foreigners hired to attack America 
  10. What battle were 900 hessians captured?
    Trenton, PA
  11. What battle did Washington's bold surprise attack, saves the Continental Army?
    Trenton, PA
  12. What happened in 1777- 1778?
    • George Washington set fort in Valey Forge 
    • Von Steuben- was a drill sargent
  13. What battle took place in 1777?
    Saratoga, upstate NY
  14. The British moved here because more loyalist, but underestimated the patriots; Morgan and Gates (was British but switched sides) for colonies fought against British? What battle? Who surrendered, and why?
    • Burgoyne 
    • Saratoga
    • British; due to surrounded
  15. What battle was the turning point of the war?
  16. What was the importance of Saratoga?
    To draw in allies
  17. After what surrender of battle convinces France to help America?
  18. Where did the British move next? What happened there? What battles took place there?
    • Savanna
    • They seized port
    • King's Mountain and Yorktown 
  19. What battle took placein 1781?
  20. Who was the British General in the battle of Yorktown?
  21. The surrender of who/ what battle?, convinces England to sue for peace
    • Cornwallis
    • Yorktown 
  22. What was the final battle of the American Revolution?
  23. What battle did the French help America? What did the French do?
    • Yorktown
    • French ships came to chesapeek bay and surrounded them 
  24. What battles took place before the Declaration of Indpendence was signed?
    • Lexington and Concord
    • Battle of Bunker Hill 
  25. What battles took place after the Declaration of Independence was signed?
    • Trenton 
    • Saratoga 
    • Yorktown 
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American Revolution- 2
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