1. 1st
    erste, erster, erstes

    indicating the beginning unit in a series
  2. 2nd
    zweite, zweiter, zweites
  3. 3rd
    dritte, dritter, drittes
  4. 4th
    vierte, vierter, viertes
  5. above
    über, oberhalb

    She's rented a room above a shop.

    Her name comes above mine on the list.
  6. across
    quer, hinüber, herüber, darüber

    She walked across the road.
  7. almost
    beinahe, fast

    She's almost thirty.

    I almost missed the bus.
  8. below
    unter, unterhalb, darunter

    His apartment is on the floor below my apartment.
  9. beside

    Come and sit here beside me.
  10. ceiling
    Zimmerdecke, Decke, Obergrenze

    The surface of a room which you can see when you look above you.

    We painted the ceiling white and the walls blue.
  11. fast
    schnell, geschwind

    Computers are getting faster all the time.

    He's a fast runner.
  12. in front of

    She sits in front of me.
  13. invisible

    The aircraft is designed to be invisible to radar.

    The house was invisible from the road.
  14. opportunity
    Gelegenheit, Chance

    The new job is a wonderful opportunity.
  15. over
    über, vorbei

    She held the umbrella over both of us.

    What did you do over the weekend?
  16. reduce costs
    Kosten mindern, Kosten senken
  17. save money
    Geld sparen, Geld zurücklegen
  18. under
    unter, darunter

    She put the thermometer under my tongue.
  19. visible
    sichtbar, offensichtlich

    The fire was visible from five kilometres away.
  20. You must cross the street to get to the Rohrenwerk which is across the street.
  21. in a week
    on a day
    at a time
    in a month
    in a year
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