1. Where is the bleed air tapped from on the engines?
    9th stage and 14th. 
  2. What is the bleed air from the 9th stage used for?
    What about 14th stage bleed air?
    • Used for pressurization and engine start and airconditioning.
    • Engine and wing anti ice. 
  3. When does the engine cross bleed valve open automatically?
    For wing and stab antiice, engine starting.
  4. Can both engine bleeds, and APU bleed valves all be open and supplying bleed air at the same time?
    No once engines are startedand those bleeds are opened they have priority. THe Apu does not have enough pressure. 
  5. What happens to the left PACK when below 24600ft and antiicing system has been turned on?
    The left PACK turns off automatically along with the crossfeed valve opening. 
  6. What side of the airplane does the ground air hook up to supply pneumatics for engine start on ground?
    The right side.
  7. What detects a leak in the bleed valves?
    Do the shut down the bleeds automatically?
    • Leak detectors and massive leak detectors.
    • yes they shut down the engine bleed valve.
  8. Where do the engine bleeds get their power from?
    APU bleed? Cross bleed valve?
    • Respective Essential bus
    • Essential DC BUS 1
    • ESS DC BUS 2
  9. What provides conditioned air to the cabin?
    What do the PACK Buttons on the overhead control?
    • The ECU, Enviromental Control Unit.
    • They control the Pack Valves. 
  10. What are the steps throught the PACK that air will take?
    • After the PACK Valve it splits between entering the Air Cycle Machine or bypass the ACM.
    • If through the ACM then it enters the primary heat exchanger, then through the compressor.
    • Cooled again through the secondary heat exchanger. 
    • Through the condenser and water separator, the water that is seperated is used for the secondary heat exchanger.
    • This air is then used to power the turbine which turns the compressor and cooling fan. 
    • Air then mixes with the bypass air and recirc fan air.
  11. What happens if the ECus are turned off in flight?
    The emergency RAM AIR VALVE is opened AUTOMATICALLY. same ram air that cools the heat exchangers.
  12. Do the Recirc Fans have more than one speed?
    Yes, speed increases if temp is below 24*c
  13. Where does the Gasper fan provide air to ?
    Can you turn the Gasper fan off in flight? On Ground?
    • To each individual Gasper and rear electronic compartment, oxygen cylinder compartment, and relay box compartment.
    • Yes
    • No
  14. At what altitude to PACKs need to be recycled on?
    1700 ft AGL.
  15. What type of outflow valves do we have on the airplane?
    • One electropneumatic (AUTO)
    • One Pneumatic (manual) 
  16. What altitude will the CPAM warning go off? What is heard?
    Where is it located?
    • 10000 ft cabin altitude.
    • CABIN  aural warning
    • Above the first officer.
  17. What is theoretical altitude when on the ground for takeoff mode?
    On Descent what is normal rate of descent on presurization?
    • with air conditioning rate of descent of -450 ft/min
    • without air conditioning outlfow valves are closed.
    • keeps .2 psi differential until 15 minutes or theoretical altitude is met.

    200 ft/min
  18. What outflow valve is used when in MAN mode for pressurization?
    Can you use the DUMP in MAN mode?
    • Pneumatic
    • NO , use the manual controller to UP position for rapid cabin depressurization.
  19. If you are at 15000 ft what altitude will the DUMP button raise the cabin altitude to?what if at 10000 ft
    • 14,500ft
    • 10000 ft if below 14500 whatever your altitude is.
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