Module 2

  1. Elements
    • A substance which cannot be split into simpler substances  by chemical means. Building blocks of of chemical compounds.
    • EXP.
    • The four major elements of the human body are Oxygen (O), Carbon (C), Hydrogen (H), and Nitrogen (N).
  2. Atoms
    The smallest unit of matter which retains the the propertites and charactoristics of the elements.
  3. Molecules
    •  Two or more atoms shareing electrons joined by a chemical bond.
    •   Can be 2 atoms of the same element: o2.
    •   Can be atoms of different elements: H2o.
  4. Compounds
    • Molecules that contain atoms of different elements.
    •   Compounds H2o, NaCl, CaCl2.
    •   Small(subscripe) number indicates number of each atom in the compound.
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Module 2
Elements, Atoms, Molecules, and compounds.