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  1. Democritas
    • 440 B.C.
    • Greek philospher
    • Came up with concept of an anotm
    • Said that atoms could not be divided and were moving
  2. Dalton
    • Christian British chemisist and school teacher
    • Developed the atomic theory¬†
    • Stated all things are made of atoms
    • Same atoms from same thing
    • Can join to make new substance
  3. Thomson
    • 1817
    • Discovered small particles inside the atoms¬†
    • Expiriemented with a Cathode-Ray Tube
    • Positive could move a beam of particles
    • Named negative particles corpuscles
    • Now called electrons
    • Plum pudding model showed the negative charges and all the extra space
  4. Rutherford
    • Discovered the atom had a smal dense nucleus that had positive charges
    • Did gold foil experiment that aimed charged particles at a thin sheet of gold
    • Wanted to fined out where positive particles go
    • + charges passed close to nucleus deflected away
    • particle that hit nucleus would be deflected straight back
    • atom mostly empty space
    • Small dense + charged nucleus
    • Travel around nucleus like planets
  5. Bohr
    • 1913
    • determined electrons travel around nucleus in definite paths
    • Electrons could jump from one level to another too
  6. Heisenberg/ Schrodinger
    • Said electrons dont travel in definite paths
    • They cannot be predicted
    • Current theory states electrons found in regions called electron clouds
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