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  1. o   Which of the 3 religions are oldest?
  2. o   Who was the founder of the Hebrews?
  3. o   When and where did Abraham led his family?
    2000 B.C. - area called Palestine
  4. o   Who told him to do this?
  5. o   Why did Abraham’s decedents live in Israel?
    God promised Abraham a new nation
  6. What is the exodus?  
    When Moses led the Jews out of Egypt to escape slavery
  7. Who led them?
  8. o   What did the Ten Commandments stress?
    the importance of worshipping God
  9. o   Judaism truly began when?
    When the Jews bagin to recognize Yahweh as one god
  10. o   How do Mosaic laws control work days?
    No work on the Sabbath - 7th day of week to worship and rest
  11. o   What two basic teachings did Jesus teach his followers?
    They should love God above all else and love others as much as they loved themselves.
  12. o   Why did authorities in Jerusalem deicide Jesus was a problem and needed to be executed?
    He was getting too popular.  They thought he was putting himself above religious and civil law.
  13. o   Why did the disciples believe Jesus was the Messiah?
    He rose from the dead three days after begin buried and lived among his people for 40 days before rising to Heaven.
  14. o   How was Mecca important before and after Muhammad?
    Before Muhammad- Arabs would worship many gods/goddesses in Mecca.  After Muhammad - pilgrimiges to Mecca to circle the Kaaba seven times.
  15. o   Why did the local merchants want Muhammad to stop preaching?
    They made money for travelers worshipping many gods/goddesses. 
  16. o   When Muhammad fled Mecca to Median is known as?
  17. o   What marks the beginning of the Islamic calendar?
  18. Followers of Islam are?
  19. Arabic word for God?
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pg. 94-99 content
pg. 94-99 content