Intro to Policing

  1. Beat System
    System of policing created by Sir Robert Peel for the London Metropolitian Police in 1829, in which officers were assigned to relatively small perm. post.
  2. Who created the Beat System
    Sir Robert Peel for the London Metro. Police
  3. What year was the beat system created?
  4. What is CompStat
    Weekly crime strategy meetings, featuring the latest computerized crime statistics and high stress brainstorming
  5. Who deveped CompStat?
    The New York City police Department in the mid-1990s
  6. Constable
    An official assigned to keep the peace in the mutual pledge system in England
  7. Department of Homeland Security
    Fed. cabinet department est. in the aftermath of the terriost attacks of Sept. 11, 2001
  8. Dred Scott Decision
    Infamous Supreme court decision of 1857 ruling that slaves had no rights as citizens bc they were considered property.
  9. Hue and Cry
    A method developed in early England for citizens to summons assistance from fellow members of the community.
  10. What is Mutual Pledge
    A form of community self-protection developed by King Alfred the Great in the later part of the 19th century in England
  11. Who created mutual pledge?
    King Alfred the Great
  12. National Advisory Commission on civil disorders
    Commission created in 1968 to address the reasons for the riots of the 1960s
  13. Kerner Commission
    National Advisory Commission on civil disorder
  14. What and who created the Peel's Nine Principles
    Basic guidelines created by Sir Robert Peel for the London Metro. Police in 1829
  15. Pendleton Act
    A federal law passed in 1883 to est. a civil service system that tested, appointed, and promoted officers on a merit system
  16. Pinkerton
    By the 1880's the private national detective agency had offices in nearby two dozen cities.
  17. "Politia"
    Latin for Civil administration
  18. Posse Comitatus
    A common law desc. of the old hue and cry. If a crime spree occured or a dangerous criminal was in the area, the U.S frontier sheriff would call upon the posse comitatus: "the power of the country"
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