Ecc Week 1 Quiz Study

  1. What does Qohelet mean?
    The teacher
  2. Who is the author of Ecc?
    None given; anonymous
  3. What are 3 arguments for Solomon authorship?
    """Son of David""; ""King in Jarusalem""; Wealthy; Builder; wise"
  4. What are 3 arguments against Solomon Authorship?
    """Was king""; opression; grammer"
  5. When was Ecc accepted into canon?
    Council of Jamnia
  6. When is Ecc read in Jewish culture?
    The feast of tents
  7. What are the 5 menaings of hebel?
    Vanity; Meaningless; Transient; Enigma; Foul
  8. What does Yitron mean?
    Advantage; profit
  9. What is the literal meaning of Hebel?
  10. What are the 5 clues for reading Ecc?
    Read end first; vanity is not always vanity; not straight line plot; wisdom and experience not always the same; Ecc is not exhaustive
  11. What is the basis for the multiple authors theory?
    Ecc 12:9-12 seems to be added later
  12. What is the basis for the unmarked dialog theory?
    Disjointed nature is caused by other points of view in text without quotations
  13. What are the 6 views of the message of Ecc?
    Apologetic; Pessimistic; Optomistic; Deistic; existentialist; Realistic
  14. Describe the apologetic view of Ecc?
    Shows what life is like apart from G
  15. Describe the pessimistic view of Ecc?
    This life is as good as it gets; better eat drink be merry
  16. Describe the optimistic view of Ecc?
    Focus on 12:8-12; ultimate joy in following G
  17. Describe the diestic view of Ecc?
    God is hands off; so world is bad
  18. Describe the existentialist view of Ecc?
    Meaning is what we make of it
  19. Describe the realistic view of Ecc?
    Positive and negitive in tension; experiences and beliefs don�t always match
  20. Name 5 things that Qohelet says is hebel?
    man's work; wisdom; righteousness;
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