Obedience Training

  1. A dog should see owner as a source of all _____.
  2. Owner should have ____ over the dog.
    voice control
  3. What kind of behavior should you reward?
  4. Lack of control can lead to what?
    many problems
  5. Should training be fun?
  6. Should training be done only once a day?
    no, should be short period of training 2 - 3 times a day
  7. What kind of resources can owners use for obedience training?
    • books
    • videos
    • pamphlets
    • obedience class
    • internet
  8. What is the first thing a puppy should be taught?
    settle down
  9. Should all practices have a obedience trainer at the practice or a place they recommend?
  10. What are the best collars to use?
    adjustable buckle collars
  11. How long should a leash be?
    6 feet
  12. What is the gentle leader?
    a dog halter that helps the owner keep control of the dog
  13. Is the gentle leader a muzzle?
  14. How tight should the gentle leader be?
    • be able to put 1 finger under the strap behind the head
    • be able to slide the strap on the nose down the nose to where the hair stops and the nose begins
  15. Do dogs resist the gentle leader at first?
  16. What is really important for positive reinforcement?
    timing and repetition
  17. What are bridges?
    • event markers between behavior and reward
    • example:  clicker
  18. What is negative reinforcement?
    applying a stimulus the dog doesn't like when they are doing something bad
  19. When should the dog be punished?
    during a bad behavior or immediately after a bad behavior
  20. What are some aversive acts that work for dogs?
    • squirt from spray bottle
    • rolled up towel
    • sound
    • odor
    • shock
  21. What are the three things you can do to get a desired behavior?
    • wait for it then reward it
    • motivate the dog to do it using lures
    • force the behavior
  22. What must you do first to get a positive behavior?
    get the dogs attention
  23. When should you "name" the behavior?
    • once the dog is doing it consistently
    • for example:  don't say "sit" until the dog is doing it consistently and will actually know what "sit" means
  24. Should we chant the dogs name to get its attention? Why or why not?
    no, because then it won't start to come until you've chanted its name a certain amount of time
  25. What are the biggest owner complaints about puppy behavior
    • puppy mouthing
    • unwanted stuff in mouth
    • no control over the dog
  26. Should you teach the dogs name in a positive way?  Should you yell the dogs name when they are bad?
    • yes
    • no
  27. How do you teach the dog to settle down?
    • Lay them on their side and hold them their
    • stroke them until they relax
    • once they've relaxed then reward them
  28. How do you teach the dog not to "mouth"?
    stroke the dog around the mouth and when they try to bite give a negative mark like a loud noise
  29. Should you punish a dog if they don't come to you fast enough?
    no, only punish if they don't come to you at all and you have to go get them
  30. What are some basic commands a dog should know?  How often should you repeat them during the day for the puppy to learn them?
    • come
    • sit
    • down
    • stay
    • repeat 10 - 20 times twice a day
  31. How do you teach a dog to sit?
    • hold treat in front of its nose
    • slowly raise hand above and to back of its head
    • most will follow you and sit
    • reward and repeat
    • use "sit" once the behavior is learned
  32. How do you teach a dog to lay down?
    • pup should be sitting
    • hold treat in front of its nose
    • slowly lower hand between its front legs
    • slowly wigglel the treat forward
    • reward and repeat
  33. How do you teach a dog to walk on a leash?
    • keep pup on your left side
    • use command for "go" and "heel"
    • reward as it does it right
    • correct if goes off on its own
    • have the dog sit when you stop
  34. How do you teach a dog to come?
    • pups often want to follow
    • make it fun and reward with treats
    • may need to use leash
    • never discipline when the dog comes
    • then increase distance and distractions
  35. How do you teach a dog to stay?
    • have the dog sit for 30 seconds while waiting to be fed
    • once the dog hold sits, move in a circle around the dog
    • use negative marks if the dog moves
    • gradually increase time and distance
    • steach down stay
    • teach standing stay
    • use different locaitons
    • teach stay off leash
  36. What are ways to stop unwanted behavior?
    • ignore it - it will eventually become extinct
    • correct the unwanted behavior
    • distract - interrupt - redirect
    • train incompatible behavior
    • remove stimulus causing bad behavior
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