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  1. Eskimos
    people of the northern alaska
  2. Inuits
    people liveing in greenland and artic canada
  3. Seals
    the most common meat hunted and eaten for meals and also used the blubber for cooking light and heat
  4. caribou
    most common meat hunted and eaten for meals
  5. mukluks
    water proof boots made from sealskin
  6. parkas
    long hooded jackets made of diffrent types of fur
  7. igloos
    both snow and sod houses used as temporary lodgings while traveling
  8. dogsleds
    used to travel through snow, pulled pulled by a team of dogs
  9. snowmobiles
    mororized vehicle used to quickly travel through snow replaced dog sleds
  10. kayak
    a one man boat cnstructed of sealskin streched over a frame
  11. harpoon
    has a barbed head attached to a long shaft with some kind of cord atteched and was used for hunting
  12. Sir Winfred Grenfell
    them most famous missionary to the canadean inuits
  13. taiga
    the aria south of the tondra that has evergreen forest that streach for 3,000 miles and covers most of canada and parts of alaska
  14. Boreal forests
    another name for the tiaga
  15. conifers
    the oldest and largest tree in the world
  16. evergreens
    trees that keep there leafs all year
  17. spruice
    some of the conifers, that grows near the artic circle
  18. moose
    the largest member of the deer family
  19. beaver
    north americas largest rodent done more to shape the landscape of nourth american contanent then any other animal
  20. golden eagle
    this is called the king of birds
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