U.S. History Chapter 11

  1. Which election was the last to be taken to the House of Representatives?
    1824 Election
  2. Who were the candidates for the 1824 Election?
    Henry Clay, Andrew Jackson, John Quincy Adams, and William Crawford
  3. Where was ____ from?
    1. Henry Clay
    2. Andrew Jackson
    3. JQ Adams
    4. William Crawford
    • 1. Henry Clay: Kentucky
    • 2. Andrew Jackson: Tenessee
    • 3. JQ Adams: Massachusetts
    • 4. William Crawford: Georgia
  4. Who won the 1824 Election?
    Andrew Jackson
  5. What is the Spoiles System? Who created it?
    Gave political supporters government jobs; Andrew Jackson
  6. What did Andrew Jackson call his unofficial cabinet?
    the "Kitchen" cabinet
  7. What was the Indian Removal Act?
    An act that would move all Indians to land west of the Mississippi River
  8. What tribe did not agree to the Indian Removal Act? When did they give up?
    Cherokee; 1838
  9. What is the Bereau of Indian Affairs? When was it established?
    Took care of affairs between government and Indians; 1836
  10. What did Andrew Jackson do with the money from Bank of the U.S.?
    He put it in state banks that he called his "pet banks"
  11. In what years were the tariff rates raised?
    1816, 1824, and 1828
  12. What was the 1828 tariff called?
    Tariff of Abominations
  13. When did tariffs decrease to the rate they were in 1816?
  14. What did Vice President John C. Calhoun resign to be?
    Speaker for the South
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