Intro to Justice system 1

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  1. What is criminal justice?
    The scientific study of crime and our nation's response to crime via the creation of specific organizations and institutions to combat crime.
  2. What is the criminal justice system?
    • Our nations inter-related institutions, which respond to crime, violence, and disorder
    • -law
    • -law enforcement
    • -courts
    • -correctionsl agencies
  3. What is the basic nature of human beings?
    • People prefer order over chaos
    • We are born with a drive to survive
    • People are selfish creatures
    • People are hedonistic: attracted to rewards
    • People have a "self" and it influences out behavior
    • 1. spirit
    • 2. soul: psychological & social
    • 3. body
    • People have behavioral free will
    • Behavior is influenced by one's values
  4. What social events led to the emercence of criminal justice as a popular academic discipline?
    • revolutionary war
    • industrial revolution: people moved to cities from rural areas
  5. Carrier's case
    • One interpretation of larceny
    • Truck driver stole part of what he was transporting
  6. Pear's care
    Man hired a horse and sold it at a market
  7. Mala Prohibita
    crimes that may not be necissarily wrong in themselves but are wrong simply because they have been prohibited by statute
  8. Mala in se
    the act is inherently evil or immoral in nature
  9. Grand Larceny vs. Petty Larceny
    dividing point can range between $50 to $2,500, depending where you are
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