IVISD Definitions

  1. What is Metaphysics?
    • The study of nature and the interaction of forces occurring beyond physical existence.
    • Systems of principles underlying a particular subject.
  2. What is Praxis?
    • The application or use of knowledge or skills.
    • Practice as distinguished from theory.
  3. What is the mind?
    • The essence or vibration of mental and emotional function which stimulates, supports or hinders behavioral responses.
    • A principle or concept that facilitates and supports the creation of individual reality.
    • Channel through which Spirit connects with us.
    • The control center of life.
    • Element, part, substance or process that reasons, thinks, feels, wills, perceives or judges in response to experience and comparisons.
    • Seat of perception through the physical senses.
  4. What are the essential characteristics of the mind? (8)
    • Intangible aspect of physical, mental, intellectual and emotional being.
    • Metaphysical connection between Divine Mind/God and the individual.
    • Individual connection to eternity because it cannot die or cease to be.
    • The seat of the soul or individualized personality.
    • Provides the imprinting factor within the being that becomes the personality or character.
    • Foundation or impetus of every thought, feeling/emotion and action.
    • Serves as the internal catalyst of thought.
    • Provides transport for the energy of every thought and emotion throughout the cells and nerves within the body.
  5. How can you define ideas?
    God-centered impulses
  6. What is the definition of thought?
    An energy pattern created by continual input of a particular idea. The impression or surface response to external stimuli.
  7. What is the definition of belief?
    A mental prototype supported and energized by emotional energy. The imprint created in response to a specific or particular experience and thought pattern.
  8. What is the definition of perception?
    external stimuli that generates a particular emotional and mental response.
  9. What is the definition of judgment?
    internal translation of external stimuli based on knowledge, experience and emotional charge.
  10. What is the definition of emotion?
    A physical and mental response pattern facilitated by external stimuli.
  11. What is the definition of meditation?
    • To engage in thought, contemplation or reflection.
    • To dwell mentally on anything.
    • Realizing the reality of the Absolute.
    • A steady effort of the mind to know God
    • Man's spiritual approach to God
  12. What is the definition of intuition?
    • The natural knowing capacity, inner knowing the immediate apprehension of spiritual Truth without resorting to intellectual means.
    • The wisdom of the heart.
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