1. What work equates to the term "responsibility: as it is used in the insurance business?
  2. What are three categories used to classify the way in which the law imposes liability?
    Negligence, Nuisance & Breach of Contract.
  3. What is a tort?
    A tort is a civil worng or injury recongized under the law, other than a breach of contract, whereby an injusred party acquires the right to sue the defendant, usually for a court award in the form of compensation.
  4. What is a negligence?
    Finding that someone has committed a tort by negligently causing damage or injury to another. Common sense should govern your conduct so that you do not do anything that could forseeably cause damage or injury to others.
  5. What is a private nuisance?
    Is interference with a person's use and enjoyment of living area.
  6. What is public nuisance?
    Is interference involving the rights of many people. Only the Attorney General may bring an action for public nuisance.
  7. What is a breach of contract?
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