Muscles of Hip Movement

  1. What is the name of the muscle group that combines the 3 muscles: Iliacus, psoas major, psoas minor

    • B)  Iliopsaas
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  2. This muscle is a major hip flexor and lower back stabalizer

    C)  Iliopsoas
  3. This mucles is also known as the Filet mignoun or tenderloin in cows. This muscle is not used in 4 legged creatures and there for very tendor.

    A)  Iliopsoas
  4. This muscle is located deep in the abdomen

    D)  Iliopsoas
  5. This muscle means muscle of the loin and bigger or larger

    • C) Psoas Major
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  6. This muscle
    O: Bodies and transverse process of T12-L5
    I: Lesser trochanter of femur
    A: Flexes, Adducts and lateral rotation of hip (coxal joint), flexes vertabral pelvic tilt

    D) Psoas major

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  7. This muscles are powerfull hip rotators, deep within the glutes and also know as the deep six

    A) Deep Lateral Hip Rotators
  8. This muscle is a prime mover of lateral hip rotation
    O: Anterior surface of the hip
    I: Greater trichanter of the femur
    A: Laterally rotates and abducts the hips

    *Sciatic nerve runs over, under or through it

    D) Piriformis
  9. This Muscle means "twin" and lies deep the Sciatic nerve
    O: Ishial Spine
    I: Greater Trochanter
    A: lateral rotates hip

    A) Gemelus Superior
  10. This muscle is deep to the sciatic nerve and means to obtruct.
    O: Obturator membrane, obturator margin, pelvic serface
    I: Greater trochanter
    A: Laterallt rotates the hip

    C) Obstructor Internus
  11. This muscle means twin and beneath.
    O: Superior tschial tuberosity
    I: Greather trochanter
    A: Lateral rotate hip

    A) Glemellus Inferior
  12. This muscle means obstruct, extteal and is deep to sciatic nerve. 
    O:Obturator membrane, Superior and inferior to pubic ramus.

    B) Obtrurator Externus
  13. This muscle mean four sided, femur

    O: Lateral ishial tuberosity
    I: Greater trochanter
    A: Laterally rotates the hip

    D) Quadratus Femerus
  14. These are powerful hip muscles on the posterior aspect just lateral to sacrum

    B) Gluteals
  15. This muscle is the largest to the group and is antagonist to iliopsoas muscle and is on of the strongest muscles in the body

    • B) Gluteus Maximus
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  16. This muscle is the climbing muscle and powerful hip extensor.

    O: Posterior sacrum, post coccyx, post iliac crest
    I: Gluteal tuberosity of femur, illotibial band
    A: Extends the hip, adducts the hip, laterally rotates the hip

    A) Gluteus maximus
  17. This muscle is known as the shor in the butt muscle

    A) Gluteus medius
  18. This mucle can be called the deltoid of the hip and is a source of lower back pain.
    O: Superior gluteal line of ilium
    I: Greater trochanter
    A: Abducts the hip, medial and lateral rotation, anterior and posterior pelvic tilt

    A) Gluteus medius
  19. This mucle is a synergist to glute medius and lies deep. Can not pallate directly.

    D) Glute maximus
  20. This muscel is reponsible for tensing the fascia lata.
    It flattens distally to form the IT band
    Does not have great elasticity due to tendonus nature

    C) Tensor Faciae Latae
  21. This muscle means four head , femur and is located on the anterior surface of the thigh. Is a group of four muscles

    D) Quadriceps Femoris Group
  22. This muscle is the larget in the Quadriceps femoris group. It crosses two joints and has two actions. Means straight.

    B) Vastus Medialis
    B) Vastus Intermedius
    C) Rectus Femoris
    D) Vastus Lateralis
    C) Rectus Femoris
  23. This muscle lies deep to rectus femoris 

    O: Anterior lateral femoral shaft

    D) Vastus Intermedius
  24. The most medial if the Quadriceps group

    D) Vastus Medialis
  25. The most lateral of of the Quadriceps group

    D) Vastus Lateralis
  26. What muscle is the primary mover of lateral hip rotation?
  27. Place the deep six muscles in order

    Gemellus Superior
    Obturator Internus
    Gemellus Inferior
    Obturator Externus
    Quadratus Femerus
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