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  1. a chemical messenger trait transfers information across a synapse.
  2. a protein structure embedded in the neural membrane that uses energy to move calcium ions out of the cell
    calcium pump
  3. an uncovered section of azon membrane betwerrn two adjacent segments of myolin
    node of ranvier
  4. an organelle in the cell body that participates in protein synthesis
    endoplasmic reticulum
  5. a neuron with one branch that extends a short distance from the cell body then splits into two branches
    unipolar neuron
  6. the branch of a neuron usually responsible for carrying the signals to other neurons
  7. an ion pump that uses energy to transfer three sodium ions to an extracellular fluid for every two potassium ions retrieved from the extracellular fluid.
    sodium-potassium pump
  8. the branch of a neuron that generally receives information from other neurons
  9. the fluid inside a cell
    intracellular fluid
  10. an organelle in the cell body that packages proteins in vessels.
    golgi apparatus
  11. organelles that provide energy to the cell by transforming ppyrobic and oxygen into molecules of adenosine triphosphate
  12. the swelling at the tip of the axon collateral specialized for the release of neurotransmitter substances
    axon terminal
  13. the junction between two neurons at which information is transfere from one to another
  14. a knob on the dendrite that provides additional membrane area formation of synapses with other neurons
    dendrite spine
  15. the tiny fluid filled space between neurons formina a synapse
    synaptic gap
  16. the cone shaped segment of axon located at the axon cell body that is specialized for the generation of action potentials
    azon hillock
  17. a neuron with two branches one axon and one dendrite
    bipolar neuron
  18. an ion channel in the neural membrane that responds to chemical messangers
    ligan gated channel
  19. an electrically charged particle in solution
  20. the fatty insulating material covering some axons that bossts the speed and efficiency of electrical signaling
  21. a neuron that communicates with neurons in its immediate vacinity
    local circuit neuron
  22. a neuron with a very large axon that communicates with neurons in distant areas of the nervous system
    projection neuron
  23. an ion channel that opens or closes in response to the local electrical environment
    voltage dependant channel
  24. a protein structure embedded in a cell membrane that uses energy to move the ions across the membrane
    ion pump
  25. a protein structure in a cell membrane that allow ions to pass without the use of additional energy
    ion channel
  26. a property of a substance that determines the extent to which other substances may pass through it.
  27. a small structure in the axon terminal that contains neurotransmitters.
    synaptic vesicle
  28. one of the branches near the end of the axon closest to its targets
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