Module 1

  1. What is the definition of ethics?
    The doctorine of morals, moral philosphy, a system of moral principles.

    (morals: personal standards of right and wrong, a judgement about behavior)
  2. What are the priniciples of health care ethics?
    • Autonomy
    • Justic
    • Fidelity
    • Beneficence
    • Nonmaleficence
    • Confidentiality
  3. Autonomy means....
    independece, self determination, self reliance

    (informed consent: an agreement based on full disclosure of risks, benefits, alternative and consequences of refusal)
  4. Justice means....
    Fairness or equality
  5. Fidelity means....
    Faithfulness, striving to keep promises
  6. Beneficence means....
    Actively seeking benefits, promotion of good
  7. Nonmaleficence means....
    Actively seeking to do no harm
  8. Confidentiality means...
    To keep others from becoming aware/ familiar with information about the client unless associated with care
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