Leukocytic Series Descriptions

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  1. Myeloblast
    • large, round to irregularly shaped cell
    • finely stippled nuclear chromatin/lacey
    • one or more prominent nucleoli
  2. Progranulocyte (aka promyelocyte)
    • large, round to irregularly shaped cell
    • more cytoplasm than myeloblast
    • nucleus round to oval
    • cytoplasm - light blue-gray with scattered, small red/purple granules (primary granules)
    • nucleoli are absent or indistinct
    • chromatin becoming coarse
  3. Myelocyte
    • smaller than progranulocyte
    • nucleus is usually round, may be beginning to indnet
    • chromatin beginning to clump
    • non specific (primary granules) no longer visible
    • secondary (larger) cytoplasmic granules may be visible depending on type of myelocyte
    • cytoplasm less basophilic
  4. Metamyelocyte
    • similar to myelocyte except...
    • cytoplasm clear to slightly granular
    • nucleus indents to become kidney bean shaped, mitosis no longer occurs
    • chromatin coarse with clumps
  5. Bands
    • nucleus indents even more
    • S-shaped or horse-shoe shape are common with parallel sides
    • cytoplasm clear to slightly granular
  6. Segmented neutrophil/eosinophil/basophil
    • mature if nuclear membrane is no longer smooth
    • nuclear width becomes irregular, or lobes present
    • cytoplasm clear to slightly granular
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