Fall 2012 quiz 1

  1. Lanoxin
    • digoxin
    • congestive heart failure
  2. Lopressor
    • metoprolol
    • heart failure, hypertension
  3. MVI-12
    • multiple vitamin infusion
    • vitamin supplement
  4. Pegasys
    • peginterferon alfa-2a
    • antiviral (hepatitis C)
  5. Xylocaine
    • lidocaine
    • cardiac arrhythmia
  6. Integrilin
    • eptifibatide
    • acute coronary syndrome
  7. Lasix
    • furosemide
    • diuretic (edema, congestive heart failure)
  8. Isuprel
    • isoproterenol
    • heart block, edema
  9. Natrecor
    • nesiritide
    • congestive heart failure
  10. Levophed
    • norepinephrine
    • vasopressor (hypotension)
  11. additive
    substance added to a compounded preparation
  12. administration
    delivery of a drug product to the body
  13. admixture
    combination of 2 or more pharmaceutical products for administration as a unit
  14. class 100,000
    having fewer than 100,00 particles greater than 0.5 microns per cubic foot
  15. compounding
    preparation of a drug for dispensing pursuant to a practicioner's order
  16. sterile
    free of microorganisms and microbial byproducts
  17. HEPA filter
    high efficiency particulate air filter (removes 99.7 % of airborne particles)
  18. ISO Class 5
    having fewer than 100 particles perĀ  cubic foot
  19. micron
    one millionth of a meter
  20. microorganism
    microscopic living organism
  21. parenteral
    administration via a route outside of the alimentary tract
  22. pyrogen
    substance that causes fever
  23. route
    the way in which a drug is delivered to the body
  24. USP 797
    official document detailing procedures and requirements for compounding sterile preparations
  25. vehicle
    substance used as a carrier for an active ingredient
  26. critical work surface
    space between the HEPA filter and the sterile product being prepared
  27. ASHP
    American Society of Health-System Pharmacists
  28. CAI
    Compounding Aseptic Isolator
  29. LAFW
    Laminar Airflow Workbench
  30. 3 main functions of LAFW
    • 1. provides clean air in the working area
    • 2. prevents room air from entering the working area
    • 3. suspends and removes contaminants introduced by materials or personnel
  31. Activase
    • alteplase
    • thrombolytic (MI, stroke)
  32. Cathflo Activase
    • alteplase
    • restoration of venous access device
  33. Kinlytic
    • urokinase
    • thrombolytic (pulmonary embolism, MI)
  34. Lovenox
    • enoxaparin
    • anticoagulant (blood clot prevention)
  35. Rocephin
    • ceftriaxone
    • antibiotic
  36. Angiomax
    • bivalirudin
    • anticoagulant
  37. Fragmin
    • dalteparin
    • anticoagulant
  38. Arixtra
    • fondaparinux
    • anticoagulant
  39. Retavase
    • reteplase
    • thrombolytic (MI, stroke)
  40. TNKase
    • tenecteplase
    • thrombolytic (MI)
  41. active ingredient
    substance intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease
  42. aseptic technique
    procedures followed under controlled conditions in a manner that minimizes chance of contamination by introduction of microorganisms
  43. ampule
    sealed glass container which must be broken to remove the fluid it contains
  44. bevel
    diaganol cut of a needle shaft
  45. coring
    dislodging part of the stopper of a vial or an injection port into the solution inside the container
  46. flange
    rim around the barrel of a syringe
  47. gauge
    designation of needle size (higher for a finer needle)
  48. hub
    part of the needle to which a syringe can be attached
  49. injection port
    part of a plastic IV fluid bag designed to allow injection of medication
  50. Luer Lock
    threaded tip on many syringes to hold needle in place
  51. lumen
    hollow bore of a needle shaft
  52. plunger
    piston-type rod with cone-shaped tip inside the syringe barrel
  53. vial
    glass or plastic container sealed with a rubber or synthetic stopper
  54. Policy and Procedure Manual
    document detailing how things are done at a particular work site
  55. IVPB
    Intravenous piggyback
  56. LVP
    large volume parenteral (>250 mL)
  57. PPE
    Personal protective equipment
  58. SVP
    small volume parenteral (<250 mL)
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