Test 1&2

  1. What is Psychology?
    The scientific study of behavior and metal processes.
  2. Why is Psychology different from fields such as law and history?
    Psychology's great strenght is that is uses scientific observation to systematically answer questions about all sorts of behaviors.
  3. What is the reseach method?
    A systematic approach to answering scientific questions.
  4. What are 2 types of behaviors?
    • overt (can be seen)
    • convert (internal processes)
  5. What is Enpirical Approach?
    You believe something because you researched yourself.
  6. What is Enpirical Evidence?
    You believe something because of someone else's research.
  7. What is Ethics?
    "The way you want to be treated"
  8. What are the goals of psychology?
    To describe, understand, predict, and control behavior.
  9. What is Pseudopsychology?
    Any false and unscientific system of beliefs and pactices that is offered as an explanation of behavior.
  10. Name some examples of Pseudopsychology.
    • Phrenology (the shape of ones skull)
    • Palmistry (the lines on the hands that reveals personality traits and predict the future)
    • Graphology (personality traits are revealed by handwriting)
    • Astrology(the position of the stars and planets at the time of one's birth determine personality traits and affect behavior.)
  11. Is critical thinking important?
  12. What is scientific method?
    A form of critical thinking based on careful measurement and controlled observation.
  13. What are the steps of scientific method?
    • Making observation
    • Defining a problem
    • Proposing a hypthesis
    • Gather data
    • Publish results
  14. What is Theory?
    A system of ideas designed to interreiate concepts and facts in a way that summarizes existing data & predicts future observation.
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