Micro Ch 5

  1. What is eutrophication?
    The process by which extra nutrients are introduced into an environment, leading to overgrowth and the elimination of oxygen.
  2. What's the difference between a -phile and a -phobe?
    • -phile = lover
    • -phobe = afraid of
  3. What does it mean if it's an obligate?
    It's FORCED
  4. What are psychrophiles?
    microorganisms that survive in temperatures from 0-20 degrees C
  5. What are mesophiles?
    they live in medium temperatures; 15-45 degrees C
  6. What are thermophiles?
    mircroorganisms living in 40-80 degrees C
  7. What are halophiles?
    microorganisms that live in high salt concentrations
  8. What is the primary cellular structure that changes between the optimal growth temps?
    cell wall? Saturation. 
  9. Do psychrophiles have saturated fatty acids?
    No, if they were saturated they would lose motility.
  10. What are alkaliphiles?
    microorganisms that grow at pH 9-11
  11. Does internal pH change for alkaliphiles the way temperature does?
    No, the microbes must exchange ions to change their internal temperatures.
  12. What are strict aerobes?
    mircobes that only grow in oxygen
  13. What are microaerophiles?
    only grow at low O2 levels
  14. What are strict anaerobes?
    Die in the least bit of oxygen
  15. What are facultative anaerobes?
    mircobes that can live with or without oxygen
  16. What are aerotolerant anaerobes?
    mircoorganisms that grow in oxygen while retaining a fermentation-based metaboilism
  17. What is sterilization?
    the killing of all living organisms
  18. What is disinfection?
    the killing or removal of pathogens from inanimate objects
  19. What is antisepsis?
    the killing or removal of pathogens from the surface of living tissues
  20. What is sanitation?
    the reduction of microbial population to safe levels
  21. What is pasteurization?
    • temperature killing
    • can kill coxiella burnetii which causes Q fever
  22. Who was Joseph Lister?
    a surgeon who used carbolic acid to treat wounds and clean surgical instruments
  23. What are antibiotics?
    chemical compounds sythesized by one microbe that kill or inhibit the growth of other microbial species.
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